I Block, You Block, She Blocks, He Bl….

Blow outI’m feeling rather ashamed; a couple of friends have been blogging to beat the band.  Important stuff, brilliant observations, correlations and I “got nuttin”.  Not a damn thing.

Tired, have a lot on my mind, none of which is appropriate for public sharing and as a result, my brain has closed the blogging door for a while.

It happens; if you are an author, it is referred to as writer’s block.  If you’re a blogger, it is called, wait for it…, you guessed it!  Blogger’s block.  And I have it, in spades.

Look over to the right hand side of the screen; there are a bunch of blogs that I follow and recommend.  They are not blocked.  Give ‘em a read.

Until the cobwebs fall from my mind’s eye, until the cement that encases my thought processes crumbles and falls away; be good, have fun and take care.

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One response to “I Block, You Block, She Blocks, He Bl….

  1. OR…some of us just suffer from wafflyness, and have far too much to say!

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