And Your Message Was?

cowardWhat was your point? What message did you wish to convey in such an appalling manner? What “word” was worth the death of an 8 yr. old boy?

I have news for you, you crazy fuck; your message will go unheard. Whatever cause created this cancer in your thought process will be ignored and tossed aside as people rally to the hearts broken in Boston. You will be naught. Not a single thought will be spared for whatever it was you tried to convey.

Are you a “homegrown”? One of those self-serving anti-government slime-balls? Did you forget Timothy McVeigh? He was afforded no recognition other than that of being human garbage, summarily disposed of as such. His actions helped to urge the government forward in breaking the back of the anti-government whacko organizations and exposing them for what they truly stood against – law, order and contributing to the continued building of a nation.

Are you Islamic? Have you ever actually, truly read the Q’ran? Allah will not reward you for the death and destruction you wrought at a peaceful event. Allah does not reward the killing of innocents, the murder of a child. Jahannam is what waits for you, pal. No virgins, no glory, just the abyss. I count true Muslims as friends and you aren’t a true Muslim.

Life will go on, in Boston – in Massachusetts. It will go on in the U.S.A. Life will continue throughout the world and your message, whatever deranged thoughts propelled you, will be dismissed as the musings of a madman. Resolve for peace and looking out for others, such as you will, be strengthened. The fear and the anguish will be turned into resolve. It will be turned into courage and compassion for those you injured.

The media is wrong; you aren’t a terrorist. You are nothing more than the proverbial yellow dog.

No message. No honour. You committed a heinous act and for nothing. You will be labeled a lunatic and any cause, with the grave misfortune, having you as a member will be shunned. Will be looked at with disgust and the scorn afforded all cowards.

Senseless and meaningless.

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