Monday, Monday

Politics are, by and large, boring when the political goings-on are occurring in another country so, I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to the next election in Canada. It should be very interesting. Young vs Elder, Liberal vs Conservative. Yes, it should be very interesting.

I’m looking forward to a good week; I am off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So I only have to put up with nonsense for two days this week. The rest of the week will include my husband’s birthday and a landmark hockey tournament, in which, hubby will be playing. I am a big hockey fan; I don’t mind watching NHL but I far prefer to watch amateur.

More politics; Quebec or rather the xenophobes running this province, currently and hopefully, briefly have decided that Bill 101, a particularly odious and racist piece of legislation needs to have its odious level raised – the English community in Quebec will see, if Bill 14 passes, itself declared an “ethnic community” thereby removing any inherent rights as one of the founders of not only the province but the entire country. Ethnic community… Yeah but then, the Minister of Education in Quebec, a blockhead, called English a foreign language and determined that French children are far too dense to learn English in the early school years meanwhile, English children and children with mother tongues other than English or French have been entered in French Immersion schooling for over 20 years and not only retain their mother tongues but are fluently bilingual and often trilingual. Sadly, according to Marie Malavoy, the aforementioned Minister feels French Quebecois children are not capable of the same level of learning.

If you are planning a visit to Canada, avoid Quebec. If you speak English, you may well be met with insults and ignorance. Visit New Brunswick for a bilingual experience, Ontario while not bilingual has quite a bit to offer as do Newfoundland or British Columbia.

Meh, what are you going to do? My husband and I will leave this province, eventually. We’ll take our tax dollars elsewhere and let Quebec sink into the hole of the Banana Republic that it is. It simply isn’t worth the cost and the aggravation of living here. Home is where the heart is. And Quebec does not have my heart anymore. Racism, xenophobia and hate make it hard for a heart to continue to beat proudly.

Let’s see – oh, looks like the corporation that employs me is in very serious trouble. Not confidential information or a violation of company privacy policy as this has been in the public news. A very big shake-up is in the offing and I have a feeling that by this time next year, I may well be among the ranks of the unemployed as will most of my co-workers. Most corporations work ass-backward and mine is no exception, the shake-up will be from the ground up instead of from the top, downward. Common sense should tell them that when you mess with a building’s foundation, the upper levels crumble and fall. But…we are talking corporation and common sense is, sorely, missing in the mix. So, the plebs will be tossed out and the real problems will continue to tear the business to shreds with absurd actions and policies. Bonjour la visite. “You coulda been a contendah!”

Well, a new day looms ahead, as it is 5:23 in the am here; let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself into, today 😉 Life, ya gotta love it!! So much potential, every morning of every day.

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  1. There are casualties in this economic war. I find it a really interesting thing to watch how some companies do better than others when everything changes. The slow death of Kodak is particularly fascinating. Then there was Blockbuster. And remember Pan-Am? I could go on. Sega have bounced back, sorta. It would be brilliant to be a fly on the wall in some of those board rooms.

    I hate and love politics in equal measure. Mostly I just don’t trust politicians. Of course, there are those who say you shouldn’t. There are others who say they are just human beings doing the very best they can with what they’ve got. As for Trudeau I just don’t think we know him well enough to judge him. So it’s pretty much a bag of popcorn thing.

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