Edufare, an End to Quebec’s Student Protests.

edufareSeigneur!!! I’ve got it! A way to end the student protests, provide free education and balance the province’s budget! Edu-fare. It is amazing the things you ponder while walking the dog. I highly recommend the practice; don’t have a dog? Borrow a neighbour’s. You benefit, the dog benefits and your neighbour will love you forever. But, I digress.

I absolutely believe education should be available to all, regardless of their financial status. Free? No. Free education simply cannot work in society; people within universities need to be paid, building maintenance, purchases of material, laboratory upkeep and the list goes on and on. These things are not free. To ask society to foot the bill, is a little bit of ridiculous. Childish.

We also pay provincial and municipal workers far more than they deserve, taxing the citizens and said citizens get very little bang for that buck.

Edu-fare. This would be a system, whereby, if someone wishes to pursue a university degree, they may do so, but there is a non-monetary price tag attached. The real cost of the education could be calculated by blocks of work. The less direct and immediate benefit to society accorded to the core area of study would require more blocks of work. A student involved in medicine, for example, would be required to do far less work than say someone who decided to take a degree in History. A doctor provides a valuable and virtually immediate benefit to society upon completion and attaining his/her degree. A History graduate? Not so much.

So work, currently doled out to overpaid and underworked civil service employees could be outsourced, as it were. Citizens benefit through the cutting of pension plans, fraudulent overtime and shoddy workmanship and students benefit through work experience, creation and application of work ethics; in addition, it wouldn’t take long to weed out the butts that are simply taking up valuable space in our universities. While everyone has the right to pursue a higher education, not everyone has the intelligence or appreciation to receive a higher education.

I’ve always had a bit of the communist in me, I guess. I figure everyone who is physically and mentally able to contribute to society, should be expected to do so. Welfare as it exists is a horrendous waste of tax dollars and requires immediate re-vamping. Healthy adults, on welfare, should be required to “give back” vis a vis that four-letter word, work. Education carries a hefty price tag, to ask taxpayers to foot the bill, entirely, is unrealistic and simply will never happen. A quality education requires funding and if tax dollars are going to be used to this end, then there must be a fair trade for the service.

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  1. I love it. I can’t improve on it. I support it fully. SHEER genius.

    (Had this idea myself years ago, in case you were wondering why I’m being so supportive, LOL!!!!!)

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