RBC, Outsourcing and Reality Checks

bar-chartWe like to tell ourselves that the world has changed, that we are no longer under the whip or bear the shackles of oppressors. We are educated, we are freemen and women, and we live in a democracy. (Insert the flag and fireworks of your choice.)

We are, definitely, more educated and have access to more information than at any time in our collective history. We can know, within an instant, what is going on halfway around the world and while we may read and comprehend, on a superficial level, we are not connecting the dots.

Granted, I have an advantage, a window seat, if you will and what I see, what I know, frightens me. I had close relatives who worked within the government, high up, not petty bureaucrat level but hobnobbing with the political elite. I had close relatives who worked in law enforcement and I can tell you that the world in which you and I live? May as well be on another planet for all the similarities between the worlds. Sure, we are all born, pee and poop, eat and die but I guarantee you that this is where the similarities end. We are taught morals and ethics, we are brainwashed into believing good will conquer evil. We are taught to believe in something called democracy.

What is democracy? It’s a theory. Words on a paper with no substance and definitely no empirical evidence that it has ever, truly, existed except in the minds and hearts of the dull normals, such as ourselves. The elite know it’s a necessary fairy tale to be fed to the great unwashed at all costs.

For millennia, this has been so. There will always be the rich, there will always be the poor and the middle class picks up the bill.

This blog came about after a story broke regarding the RBC and outsourcing. Much beating of breasts and howls of outrage. Yeah, okay – have your tantrums and when you’re done, try thinking beyond Level 1.

RBC is a corporation. Hello? Understand what that means? Their prime directive is to make money for shareholders. India offers employees at a far lower salary rate, no benefits and there are tax breaks not available in Canada, land of the gimme.

Is it moral or ethical? Smarten up, this is business and there are no morals or ethics. It is about money, it is about shareholders and it’s about wolfing down big pieces of the economic pie.

Outsourcing has been going on for close to a decade; RBC got caught, somebody with a friend, relative or acquaintance in the media and suddenly, it’s a big deal. Meanwhile, most of us know someone out of work or has been out of work due to outsourcing. No hue and cry for them.

North Americans have developed a very slimy concept of who they are. We’ve developed this idea that we are owed something, that we are entitled to something.

I’m afraid not. We aren’t entitled to anything that we have not done for ourselves. What do you think our ancestors did when there was no work? They didn’t have E.I. No parental leave. No insurance. That was and is life.

We sucked the tit of the middle class so long that we’ve forgotten that life makes no promises. Governments make promises. And? How stupid are we, really, that we believe anything that comes out of our parliaments?

We did this to ourselves. We want it all but we don’t want to actually have to pay for it. We want someone else to do that. Well, the pot’o’gold is empty and companies are moving on. They are moving to places where they aren’t expected to be Daddy or Mommy to employees. They are moving to places where their expenses are rock bottom and their net profits soar. It’s called “business.”


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8 responses to “RBC, Outsourcing and Reality Checks

  1. We live in interesting times. Possibly the most interesting aspect of it all is the drive for democracy. As flawed as it is, that’s the model being sought, and in many places people are risking their lives for it. It seems to be what people want. Fortunes rise and fall, and some of it happens faster than expected, but there are patterns. If you look at the major democracies across the world, and look at the political placement of their governments, ignoring the names of the parties, they have all moved to the right. The United States, for example, even has no left-wing party in play, because the Democrats are a right-wing party too. The reasoning behind this is economic, ostensibly, they are fiscally more conservative, and yet often socially comparatively progressive. But the emerging economies, traditionally not democracies at all (or paid lip service to democracy) were fiscally conservative to begin with, and have bit of a head start. Which is really, really ironic, as the big player is China, a communist regime which everyone thinks of as a left-wing party. My conclusion is that the sooner we forget all this right and left the better, because it has become meaningless.

  2. So is the concept of democracy, Melanie – as a form of government. Oh sure, we have freedom of speech, of assembly but only so long as it doesn’t interfere with the elite in society. The minute it threatens or is perceived to threaten the status quo, it is quashed one way or the other. The U.S, Canada, England, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal…all trot along under the label of “Democratic” governments. But they are no more democratic than any other, they’ve just decided to use another method to achieving their ends. The carrot and the ass concept as opposed to the big stick.

    • You can go a step further, and label democracy as a fairytale. Many do, I mean…. we all see the abuses of power often enough. But there are two reasons to keep fighting for it, one is that we’ve never found a better system, and the other is the idea that you have to aim high to reach halfway. If we just give up on the whole idea, we will get more absuses. So we can say “yeah, they’re all as bad as each other” (probably true), but at the same time we still must vote, lobby, protest, etc, and generally show that even if we’re not getting it, what we want is democracy, because the alternative is worse.

  3. It is a fairy tale and always has been. Fight what? It doesn’t exist. What we think really doesn’t matter, what we protest, it doesn’t matter. Regardless of protests – lobbying is the domain of the rich – voting is a placebo; personally, I accept that. Fine, dandy. We all have our lives to live. We can keep on with our facade because it seems to work but to think that we ever really have a voice is fantasy. We have a voice as long as it doesn’t interupt the flow of money and power. Every once in a while, they toss us a bone to maintain order but it is never the entire bone. They always clawback a chunk. The best we can do and really, the only thing that makes any sort of sense is to live our lives according to our own morals and ethics. We need to look after our own and stop expecting business and government to give a shit.

  4. It’s the corporations. They are all black box money machines that are out to make a profit this quarter. They have no future vision beyond the next quarter. The corporations spend breathtaking amounts of money on congress and elections. Our country is ruled by corporations and special interests. And you better believe that this rule is not for the good of the country or its citizens, it is only for the good of the corporations.

    • Absolutely, and in centuries past, it was the church, it was the various monarchs, now – it is the global corporate machines running the shows without borders to bind them.

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