Communication Breakdown

What a topic for a stat day. I should be relaxing, let my poor brain go into “chill” mode but no. It has other ideas, apparently.

Communication is the keystone toward a society of mutual respect, as is a thorough understanding of the word “respect”. The nation to the south of us, the United oxymoron because, apparently, they are far from United on anything, is in the middle of a Supreme Court hearing that should never have been an issue, equal rights for same sex marriage. The bible thumpers on one side and the rest of society on the other; apparently, this biblical god said marriage was between a man and a woman. This god reputed to have said a lot of things, some of which are ridiculous and are ignored by the above mentioned bible thumpers.  You see, they cherry-pick what they will and will not believe, what they will and will not practice.  There is no actual communication between this god and the bible thumpers, save this very old book and a bunch of, primarily, male types who feel that they are best able to interpret said book for the rest of society but they have their own agendas and interpret as they choose, more cherry-picking and even less actual communication.  No communication. And so, there is no dialogue, there is no actual learning or understanding.

If you look around this globe, you find that much of the world’s ills are the result of a lack of communication. Some of that communication is blocked by governments; North Korea, China, Iran, Syria and during the Arab Spring, Egypt joined the group; news is blocked, internet connections are blocked, cell phone transmissions? Blocked. The result is chaos, hatred, death and a total loss of freedom.

Communication is the lifeblood of freedom. Respect is the channel that allows the lifeblood to flow.

I am not gay. My rights as a spouse are not at risk. I married a man. I am a woman. I love my husband. It is a fundamental human characteristic, to seek out a partner in life, to share, to love, to grow. To create a life between the two and sometimes, to share it with children. Who, on this earth, has the authority to tell another human being who they may love? The only issue here and the bible thumpers are simple tools to this end, is money. Insurance companies, government – they don’t want to give fair shares. They never have and they battle in the dirt to keep hold of their cache, regardless from where the cache originated. The bible thumpers, so used to be led by the nose, fall into line.

It is nobody’s business when two consenting adults choose to marry. It simply isn’t. There should not be an argument or debate, it is common sense. A marriage is a legal contract. It has nothing to do with god or the bible. It is a LEGAL entity, this marriage thing. Separation of church and state.

The United States, contrary to the rhetoric spewed currently, was no founded on Christianity – in fact, the original inhabitants were polytheistic. The Unites States was founded by people seeking freedom. Freedom from oppression of their religion, of their life choices. How completely ironic that people must flee the United States in search of the very value upon which the U.S. came to be – freedom.

Communication. We will never all agree on our points of view but communication is the key to understanding, social peace is the door that it opens.


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4 responses to “Communication Breakdown

  1. The like button won’t work for me, but in any case I like it too much for just that.

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, and in case I haven’t shouted loud enough, FUCK YES!

    I am trying really, really hard to be tolerant of the “agenda groups” involved (Fundie Christians, Americans, Politicians) but it’s so very hard. They are so dull-witted, so backward, so ARGH, they make me so frustrated. This is so simple.

    Oh well. My blog today is going to be about sex. Between us we should upset everyone.

    • “Between us we should upset everyone.” Works for me – when folk are upset, it means there there is some brain engagement. Maybe, and I can only hope, some actual thinking will occur! Do I dare wish?

      • Thinking requires care and effort. There’s not enough of either about. Michael is into this whole “awakening” thing, and he comes home from school sometimes really quite worried. He sees his peers largely blundering through life, and although I try to reassure him that they’re just young, but he says “they’re the same age as me”. So, I have this theory that maturity just takes longer in some people. And yeah, for some it’s after they die.

  2. Anonymous

    I love to consider myself one of the most tolerant open minded folk out there. I believe I am extremely respectful of anyone and everyones chosen paths of faith. However, I have no respect for any faith whose fundamental philosophy is hate and intolerance and bigotry. If they believe the choices of others are the road to perdition I completely understand and respect that but I have no idea why they would consider that state of grace or lack thereof of complete strangers any business of their business. I also do not understand why equality under the law….and lets make no mistake about it, that is all this is about….. is even a discussion in a forward progressive intelligent developed country in the year 2013. As an outsider it is fascinating to watch but it is absolutely heart breaking to hear the arguments. Actually…it’s kind of terrifying to stand witness to this mentality in our next door neighbours.

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