Sandberg, Mayer Require Reality Checks

own your lifeThis is a life tutorial…I’m hoping that you’ve been watching the imperious behaviours of Marissa Mayer and Sheryl Sandberg, if not? Google them. The view from Mount Olympus is quite different apparently and the oxygen level seems rather low; that’s my only rationale for the actions of these two people. In order to get a handle on what this blog will discuss; it’s important to read this piece as well: Go ahead, I’ll wait – I need a coffee and a smoke anyway.

Done? Good. These things interconnect and show the very deep flaw within our Western consciousness. No. You may not be capable of being a CEO and so what? You probably will never be the Prima Ballerina for the Bolshoi either, nor a star for the NHL or NFL but none of these things create a better human being. In fact, if life tells us anything, it tells us that fame and power lessen the human part of being.

So the women mentioned – Mayer and Sandberg can afford to have their limo take them to Rodeo Drive and the sales staff swoon at their every word. Will that impact the global situation? No. It means less than nothing. Their power, their arrogance will not protect them for the realities of living; dementia, cancer, MS and Alzheimers don’t care what your bank account balance may be. When the boat that traverses the River Styx happens to dock at your quay – your ability to strike fear into the hearts of office staff isn’t going to get you a better seat.

I maintain, there is something fundamentally askew in the psychology of these people. Something missing in their humanity. Step over whomever to gain that next rung, pop out the babies but let someone else raise them and then wonder how they ended up with the new generation’s answer to Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.

Life is about choices, good choices, ethical choices, HUMAN choices but whether we like it or not, there are limitations placed on us. Nobody can “have it all.” Priorities must come into play as must reality.

I’ll give you an example; I come from a family where there a quite a few financially successful individuals – a former CEO, another one was up there in the political world, one is a publisher and yet another one controlled a powerful ministry on the Federal level. I watched and decided, early, this was not what I wanted from life.

Not a wrong choice by them or by me, just choice. Sure, I’d love to be able to buy a pair of Prada shoes or 10…but what’s the point? I can’t wear them anyway 😉 I have arthritis.

Sandberg and Mayer have more people to whom they must answer than do I. I don’t have to answer to anyone. This IS my life. I control it. There isn’t a phalanx of toadies waiting for the opportunity to knife me in the back, take my position. They are owned, whether they want to admit it to themselves or not. They are owned, controlled and marketed; their choice to be sure but their choice sure misses the whole point of living.

If I want to take a few hours to create something, I can do that without having to check my schedule. If I want to do a kindness and not have to answer/explain it to anyone, I can do this as well. I don’t have to worry that when walking my dog in my flannel jammie bottoms and no make-up, that some ignorant ass will take my picture and splash it all over some rag.

We have choices. I chose to be a wife, a mother and a Joe Normal taxpayer because I knew the crap being fed to me by feminists was just that, crap. There are the Haves and the Have Nots; it is all a matter of perspective. For all their power, their money – I consider these women “Have Nots.” They don’t control their lives and are foolish to think that they do. They are bigger puppets than any dull normal.

I know and have known since childhood that this is my chance to create a life worth living. I know that this ridiculous compulsion to “have-it-all” is dangerous. So, you can’t maintain the grades required for acceptance into a grad program. So? Make something else worth your while – not everyone is suited for that kind of a life. It isn’t better, it is just different.

So many people are walking away from their career paths, dissatisfied. It isn’t what they were led to believe it would be. Utopia. There is no Utopia. There is no life in the clouds. The real truth is that you are born, you live and you die. The important part of that trilogy is the middle part – YOU LIVE. Live, create, enjoy – see life and not spend it guarding your treasure trove, watching your back and forgetting why you are here. Design new priorities that are your own, not designed for you by others.

We, in the Western World, need a good darn shake and a reality check. Whether or not you own luxury vehicle or your address is in a “desirable” neighbourhood doesn’t matter a damn in the long run. What matters is what you can do to improve your inner self – a pair of Pradas never made anyone a better person – if this were the case, then Paris Hilton would be popess.

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