Your Life, Your World

ozzyI love this guy. … No. I look up to this guy, as a sort of hero. This is an individual who has managed to screw up on a monumental scale throughout his life but picked himself up, put his head down and charged ahead. He certainly did not have advantages in life, he made his own. Working class family, rebellious teen years, drugs, alcohol and mental illness; he has done everything we are told, as kids not to do. He not only survived but managed to become an icon for millions of fans. Is he an exception to the rule? Absolutely. Most of us would be pushing up daisies had we followed his path but that’s not the point of this blog. Abusing yourself is not the point.

When we are young, a lot of us when confronted with rules of the family, might turn around and mouth off, “I didn’t ask to be born!!!” Dumb comment but hey, kids are dumb, egocentric to the max.

We are born – if you are reading this, then odds are pretty good that your life is a helluva lot better than the majority of people on this planet. Maybe it isn’t, totally, your doing; you were born into more privilege than most dream of ever attaining. Shelter, food, education and not worrying that an explosive device in planted on your street, no one will be breaking down your door armed and looking to kill you because you are not like them. You don’t worry that there is nothing to feed your family or that they will die before they hit 5 from malnutrition or some disease that can cured, easily, in Western society.

You are privileged. You have been given the gift of life. It stretches out in front of you like a blank canvas. (Yes, yes – cliché but it works.) Nobody controls your life, not your spouse, not your kids, not your religion of choice, not the politicians. You control it. Decisions are yours and to deny this is to lie. You alone can create a masterpiece or a collection of meaningless doodles to be forgotten. It is totally up to you.

I can see Ozzy’s artwork of his life; it would be a dark and brilliant collage. It would be interesting, full of pinnacles and multiple interpretations of the abyss but it wouldn’t be boring. It won’t be forgotten.

Life can’t be dictated by others; it has to be grabbed with both hands and made our own. Made individual, with heights and lows, textures, different mediums, blinding lighting and subdued hues, but all reflections of self.

Don’t allow anyone to dictate your life to you; they have no right to do this. It is your right, your responsibility to create your masterpiece. Don’t settle, don’t allow the lives of others to impede your progress. Live your life outside the box as much as possible. Be outrageous when the mood hits – be outspoken – do someone a kindness with no expectation of recognition. Eat chocolate for breakfast, bank your gong loudly. Let ’em know you are here!


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4 responses to “Your Life, Your World

  1. Sometimes some people need to be that damaged in order to acquire their wisdom, and Ozzy is a wise man. Among my social circles are people who have been as damaged, if not more so, than Ozzy. I can think of one in particular, who went from utterly hopeless junkie, literally lying in back alleys, to a person who has had not one, but two outstanding careers of service to the community. And yes, the lesson the rest of us learn from all this is that if we have not had such bad starts, or other disadvantages, what is our excuse?

    There’s an aspect of this however that sticks in my craw. When it gets turned around. I get a little tired of being told that because I have been privileged I cannot possibly be wise or deep. That I haven’t been “down” in the great scheme of things, I haven’t seen enough horror, taken enough risks, or whatever. And that as a result I am doomed to know nothing and forever be a shallow observer in my ivory tower, knowing nothing of the real world. That gets old.

    • Ah but you are privileged but that will never negate your ability to gain wisdom. Let’s face it, Melanie – there are a lot of totally shallow assholes whose only introduction to wisdom would be if it was the brand name of the current fashion fad de jour.

      • I see it all as optional. There are those who are seriously over-privileged by anyone’s standards, who still keep their heads. It’s certainly harder. For anyone to have empathy and insight it takes time, desire, curiosity, awareness. There are many lessons, and they come when they come, but being receptive….oh gosh, today’s blog for me just arrived.

  2. Consider the location for most people – the city or the ‘burbs. Life is different, you would hate it. Somehow, values get skewed. The big deals are whether or not someone can afford 2 SUV’s instead of one or whether American Apparel is the store to shop this month or not. It can make you want to vomit. Oh and of course, Quebec has its own gutter sense of what is important…like whether or not the word “pasta” is legal…sighh. Hard to find wisdom in this kind of an environment.

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