I’m Right and You’re Wrong

No godReligion. Faith. Belief. I’m right and you’re wrong. This is the overriding and often unspoken opinion regardless of the umbrella style. Even the Atheists… Everybody is wrong but <insert religion or belief>.

I don’t believe in anything unless someone can hand me absolute truth, evidence – concrete evidence. If not, it is nothing more than, at best – a theory and at worst a potentially dangerous point of view. An awful lot of ‘cides have been perpetrated due to religion. All religions, including Paganism.

Can the existence of a non-corporeal being be proven as absolute? Nope. Therefore, I don’t hold to the belief that one or any exist. Now, archetypes are something I can get behind; using universal archetypes as models of behaviour. Take an archetype and apply the qualities to life. Sure, why not. Everyone should have some sort of model to use as a blueprint for life. The statement does need qualifying however, a model that makes sense and is workable. This one god thing is unworkable in the long term. You keep turning the other cheek and it won’t be long before the skin is flayed from the bone. There are a lot of miserable human beings out there, just dying to spread a little of their sorry selves to you by way of foul behaviour. I think out of all the belief systems out there, this one god thing is about the silliest and strangely enough, the most popular. Easier for humanity to understand the one as opposed to having to stretch their pea brains to encompass multiple images.

The global story of the month, currently, is the appointing of a new pope. Members hoping that a new pope will bring the church forward. Modernize it. Make it relevant. Not likely. The momentum of forward motion does not and has never been in the hands of the pope or the cardinals or the bishops or the priests. The momentum to move forward has always been in the hands of the common members but they choose to abdicate their authority. The church is less than nothing without members. So the homophobic attitudes, the molestations, the rapes…all of these things are the guilt of the members. And no one else. The archaic attitudes in the higher corporate structure are permitted to continue because the membership allows it.

No religion is in the hands of its clergy. No religion’s dogma is the sole domain of its clergy. Dogma is maintained by members. If it is outdated and allows for criminal or immoral, unethical, inhuman behaviours – the blame lies with the members and no one else.

The access to information permitted to all of us is without precedent. Yet? Millions upon millions choose to live their lives governed by ignorance. Intellectual laziness. And of course, human arrogance truly knows no bounds.

We don’t know everything – get over it. There is no proof of a god, of gods or goddesses. None at all. Not one little iota of proof. And so what? We don’t know everything. There may be nothing when we depart this mortal coil and does that not give us more reason to make the best of what we have now? To be larger than life? To make a difference now? A new pope will change nothing. A new pope will not make a Catholic a better person. A modern church will mean nothing.

The only change we require is for every member of humanity to take charge of their own lives and stop looking to others in an effort to defray decisions. The only change that this world needs is for people to decide, for themselves, where to squat and lean.

Sadly, it appears most of humanity is simply too intellectually stunted or lazy to take the helm of their own ship.

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  1. I really don’t care what anyone believes (or doesn’t) so long as they keep it at home and don’t bother anyone else with it. Their attitude often annoys me, but so long as they don’t actually affect the lives of others, I can lump it in with other annoying attitudes and ignore it. Not my problem. My “beef” with religion, of any type, lies squarely with it being used as an excuse to treat other humans badly. No matter what that is. Obviously, the more serious the harm done, the less patience I have with it, but I refuse to overlook the “little” things because they have a tendency to grow into bigger things – the whole “give ’em an inch” situation. So, I am all for religious tolerance, but your right to have a belief ends when anything you believe is to my detriment, or to the detriment of anyone I care about. And I care about everyone, at some level.

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