14/88 White Supremacy

1488I am fortunate, in that I am usually able to avoid these “people” and I use the word in the loosest sense of the definition. I find them to be troglodytes for the most part. Male and female knuckle draggers with the unfortunate grouping of chromosomes and DNA to look human.  (The Russian word translates to Age/I.Q..LOLOL!!)

Jewish conspiracies…all Muslims are terrorists…black skinned individuals are lesser humans…you’ve seen it and heard it, no doubt. They are nothing if not a vocal lot.

A good number of these sorts can be found hiding behind ancient Norse beliefs. How they managed to pervert the aforementioned is beyond me. I would like to keep it that way but you can’t fight ignorance by turning away from it. You have to look at it, take it apart and analyze. In this case – this white supremacy thing? Be armed – Pepto Bismol helps and so does a long hot shower because you will get sick to your stomach and you will feel like you’ve been exposed to filth.

One of my sons adheres to the Asatru system. He even looks like what you would envision a Norseman of old to appear. He tries to live his life according to the 9 Virtues and usually does a great job but hey, we’re all human, contrary to the asshats on the white extremist end of things tries to tell you.

You see fair skin, blue or green eyes are all genetic mutations. We all had brown skin at one time and we all had brown eyes. Nature mutated way back and someone was born with less melanin in their system and blue eyes appeared. (University of Copenhagen (2008, January 31). Blue-eyed Humans Have A Single, Common )

Here is the link to the article: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/01/080130170343.htm (Colour me shocked! University of Copenhagen and not the university of Tel Aviv!!)

Most of us don’t need a university study to figure this one out but scientists love to question and so, this study was born, carried out and the scientists arrived at a common theory. Us white folk? We’re genetic mutations. Funny how you don’t hear the 14/88 group talking about this. We are the freaks, if you get right down to it. And yes, I am being facetious.

White is not better – brown is not better – olive or yellow is not better – black is not better; we are all the same, at the cellular level. The lighter colours are mutations, created by nature – perhaps to compensate for the migration and natural challenges awaiting our ancestors. Less sunlight – less Vitamin D, that sort of thing. Nature adapted to allow for survival, not to allow for some sort of superior species – just different mutations to compensate for natural phenomenon.

Yes, there are brutes of all colours. There are idiots in all colours. We have only to look back on our own histories to find examples of brutality, violence and general stupidity if we were to only open a book. I imagine when your knuckles drag, the dexterity required to turn a page is a little beyond the capacity of the individual. I wonder too, if perhaps genetic mutation is at work within the brains of these people. Pollution destroying or retarding the growth within the left hemisphere of the brain? Possible explanation, as possible as any I guess.


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2 responses to “14/88 White Supremacy

  1. There would be no point explaining our mutancy to the white supremacists. They are not logical people. I have tried on occasion to talk to the less rabid ones, but even the quietest, most reasonable, most gentle and polite, are not logical. I’ve yet to find any exceptions to that. They are, to a man, stupid.

    But there is something else for take. Take away the intellectual aspect, take it back to a simple gut instinct, an attraction if you like. Animal level. The simple fact is, that in my experience, over my five decades on two continents, I like people of colour more than I like white supremacists. I prefer their company, their vibe, and their spirit. I really don’t get what white supremacists see in each other, why they WANT to be in that excluive club of dull arseholes.

  2. Really? An IQ of 88? And they are proud enough of that to put it on a poster? All I can say is that explains a lot.

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