Where I Am Coming From

idealism-v-vendettaI was involved in a very interesting discussion with a young man, earlier today. A young man who could back up his side of the debate; I LOVE that. You learn from each other, the whole point of debate in my opinion. Care to debate that point? (ROFLMAO..sorry, couldn’t resist.) At any rate – it was interesting not only that he was able to back up his points of view from his perspective but also that he managed to remind me of my own idealism back in the day. It’s gone now. Gone the way of my waistline. Never to return.

The debate centered around a particularly onerous piece of garbage reporting on Fox News; little trio of morons trying to talk about Paganism, a topic they had not, and made glaringly apparent, researched and of which they knew less than nothing. There is a petition that some are signing to demand an apology from Fox CORPORATION. I have capitalized “corporation” for a reason…hopefully, it will become apparent as I babble on (sometimes I kill myself…Babble on…Babylon…Thelemites will get this…).

Back in the day – some 20 years ago; I was resident on a soapbox demanding respect for my beliefs. What beliefs you may well ask? At that point in time? Wiccan. I would get into debates with mainstream Christians who and rightly so, maintained that Wicca was a modern invention/concept/religion…whatever. They were right and I learned exactly how right, fairly quickly. Mind you, it isn’t that Christianity, Judaism or Islam is free of fairy tales either. None of us can truly proclaim authority on religion, God or what is and what is not a faith.

A lot of things came into play over the years. I worked for corporations, I became familiar with political processes, I observed society and delved into history, religious, social and political.

My idealism flew out the window. In all the millennia that we puny humans have walked, upright and formed societies – nothing has changed. Not really. The wealthy still control the great unwashed (that would be us)up to a point. Freedom of thought is something they have yet to truly control, although they are working on it through our education systems and media. Does anyone truly believe the news anymore? It isn’t news – it is canned opinion fed to the news CORPORATIONS via press releases. The news is fed to corporations by corporations. Government is a subsidiary of the corporate business world. To think or believe otherwise is akin to still believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Nothing we do outside of our thinking processes is not controlled in some way, shape or form. I love that young people believe in change but I also love that little kids believe in a fat guy climbing down and chimney to toss out freebies, grab some cookies and milk on his way out. It doesn’t mean that I think this is reality. I just love the fantasy of both concepts.

I know, intimately, how corporations work. I know, intimately, how government works. On $$$ and the power it buys. And if you are like me? You have neither. Probably never will but I continue with an optimistic outlook because while they have the $$$ and the power? I have total control of my own thoughts and feelings. I also take great personal satisfaction in knowing that regardless of how much money, how much power they have? They still shit and piss like the rest of us. And they will die, become worm food just like the most humble of their victims.

I no longer have religion – they are all corporate in structure or wannabe. I have a philosophy and it fills my needs. I believe I have a life that is mine. I may have to slave for the corporations, political and business for 8 hours a day but the other 16 belong to me. I will continue to make the most of what I have, make the most of my thoughts and continue on as have my ancestors back when fur was the only option for clothing. The world is run by corporations and no amount of petitions, no protests in the streets will change that unless the corporations see a buck to be made.

I am the great unwashed, the proletariat and I do accept that. The acceptance is the taking back of personal power and negating the potential of injuring myself, butting my head against the wall of authority. Oh, I’ll continue to snipe at it but just for the fun of it and continue to wonder if their money and power make them any more tasty to the worms and death beetles when they die.


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2 responses to “Where I Am Coming From

  1. Anonymous

    There are two things I never demand. I do not “demand” apologies. To demand regret or remorse is the very antithesis of an apology. I do not want an apology from anyone or any place in which it had to be demanded. And I do not “demand” respect. Any respect I have, has been hard earned. I do insist upon being treated fairly and kindly and humanly if I am not I expose my personal feelings on how I am being treated to that person and then I turn and walk the other way because this is a soul I do not wish to share my most precious time or energy with. It is my experience that unkind, rude, ignorant people are vampires and trolls who wish to suck the energy out of person.
    Hmmm. There are many people who mistake me for being an idealistic person. Some would say a naive person.
    I am neither. You don’t get to live on the planet for over half a century and not learn a little somethin something about the workings of society. The only thing I have control over is myself and sometimes I am not even very good at that. But I always have hope and faith and I believe in second chances and I believe if I as an individual give up on making the world just a little better then I left it, then I can not even begin to imagine any part of the world changing.
    I am just a small spark. But as long as I am here, I will keep trying to light a fire through hard work and example.

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