Fox News and Neo-Pagans; exercise in stupidity

Admittedly, I do not watch Fox News and consciously try to avoid their channels whenever possible. It is the dumbing down of an already moronic form of media. However, someone posted this link to a group where I happen to be a member; take a look

Kind of funny and requiring pathos at the same time: imagine the difficulties faced by these three in their attempts to walk and chew gum at the same time; they need our pity…

They keep referring to 20 Pagan holidays and how few Pagans can name them – I wonder if they are aware of all the Christian “holidays” and if they can name them? Not all Pagans observe the same holidays just as not all Christians observe their entire plethora of holidays. I’ve, personally, never booked off work due to a Sabbat but that’s me. And Halloween is a holiday? No. Samhain is a Sabbat – there’s a difference. Of course, the concept would be a little too difficult for these three refugees from intelligent society.

Christians are entitled, by virtue of their Judeo roots – to keep their Sabbat holy – that would be every Sunday. I would say, seeing the parking lot at any Wal Mart, on any Sunday…very few Christians follow that edict. God and religion is apparently relative to sales and shopping.

I take it that the entire kafuffle has to do with exams scheduled on Neo-Pagan sabbats at the University of Missouri…a state not exactly known for their tolerant attitude toward anyone not Christian and white. Now, to the people who raised the stink about this? Get a life. Few of us take time off for a Sabbat and this is just a pathetic excuse to time off or addition time to cram. Way to hold us all up to ridicule…Do us all a favour and shut, the hell up, write your exam and get a life. Neo-Pagans are NOT required to follow any rules regarding Sabbats – we do not take the day off, like other systems – we know that outward play-acting is not indicative of faith. Most of us are little beyond that, intellectually and spiritually. This whole day off thing is primarily a Judeo-Christian tradition in order to garner paid time off and an excuse to fake a little piety. They do so love to do the latter.

These three bozos should remember the old adage about stones and glass houses; while they may have their ignorant interpretation of Neo-Paganism…here’s an interpretation of Christianity from the point of view of a non-Christian:


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