Ethereal Concepts and Cold, Hard Reality

world_economyIn watching the ongoing collective Pagan panty knotting in response to Fox…something is glaringly obvious… The rights of women is being pulled out of mothballs, the civil rights struggles are being held up as examples.. None of this change came about as the result of petition. These were violent changes, fought with blood and weapons. Change, rather – perceived change of any real sort has always been the result of someone, somewhere getting hurt or dying…usually many someones.

It was in the best interest of the elite of our material society to include women and minorities within the social fabric. More members of greater society? More money. Women and minorities were cheap labour back in the day. That day is gone.

We should all, those of us in the Western world be very afraid for our futures and be less concerned with silly demands, from a corporation, for an apology that is not genuine.

I work in an arm of the global trade network. North America is, very quickly, becoming redundant. We cannot provide cheap labour, cheap manufacturing, cheap transport and so what do we offer to the future of corporate profits? Nada. Relatively quietly, major corporations are outsourcing everything. Outsourcing represents jobs lost to us, here in North America.

DHL for example, out of the domestic market in Canada – they sold it out. Not worth it from a fiscal perspective. Businesses moving customer service to other countries, payroll systems also outsourced as well as accounting departments – also the more obvious, actual supplies being purchased from the East as well as manufacturing also being located offshore.

There is precious little that cannot be accomplished offshore, with higher financial returns. The internet and computer technology has advanced far faster than the average North American or Westerners’ grip on reality. That Dell or HP you order? You are ordering it from India. There is no CSR in North America – it’s all centralized in the East. Parts aren’t manufactured here. Same with cars, clothing, even our food. So if all this business is slowly draining out of the West, so as not to draw too much attention to what’s going on…what will happen to us? We are no longer the financial powerhouses we once were. The media is fed enough information in order to keep the masses placated for a while but the spin of our economy down the toilet will continue until the bowl is empty.

This isn’t some conspiracy theory – it is something I see daily and something I see increasing. What corporation is going to pass up a net profit on the scale that can be realized by simply shifting business borders? None. If nothing is being manufactured there are no jobs. No jobs, no money. No money, no social benefits. We are well on our way to becoming the third world and we can’t stop it. Who is willing to give up their home, their car, their benefits, their hospitals, medical care and other luxuries, in order to work in sweat shop conditions, just to eat? None of us but that’s the reality. We are done. Baked, broiled or fried – we’re done.

So demand apologies from corporations that would see you starve as they take away everything we have taken so for granted – food, shelter, education and health.

Our priorities and grip on reality in the West is fucked, be quite blunt. Corporations have no charity, have no soul – they are machines designed to make money and we can’t fill that bill anymore.


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6 responses to “Ethereal Concepts and Cold, Hard Reality

  1. One reason Tyler has decided to go for a career in landscaping is that they can’t outsource him.

    I keep trying to tell people who rant on about buying things made in Canada/USA/UK they you can’t. Some things are no longer manufactured in the west other than a few high-end niche workshops. I import from China daily, I have no choice. Canada has a grand total of two bead factories, and their prices are ten times that of the Chinese. I have been told I am an evil destroyer of industry by importing, but it was gone long before I got into this trade. I have no idea where it will all lead, if all else fails, I’ll retire to China.

  2. Ah but, when the jobs are outsourced? There is no disposable income and one needs disposable income to hire a landscaper. This is some really big stuff, and instead…we’re going on about Fox and 3 people who don’t seem to have the intelligence afforded your average ground squirrel.

    • Unfortunately, what I’m seeing is that the disposable income of the higher earners is increasing. Tyler’s boss is turning away business, there’s just too much. Near us a car dealership has stopped bothering to sell cars and now only sells RVs. Fast food places are closing down and snooty restaurants are opening in their place. One location has had 7 owners in 15 years go under, but the expensive place that took it over last time is thriving. Maybe it won’t last, but it’s fairly obvious where the money is.

      As to why nobody’s covering, it there’s not much to say really. I think you covered it all in “the West is fucked”.

  3. The medical lab where I work is run by a corporation. About 10 years ago we had a mandatory meeting about “compliance” where we were to learn the Federal laws so we could comply with them and continue to receive Medicare reimbursements. The first thing the guy said opened my eyes. The lab receives two things; a specimen and an order. The lab produces two pieces of paper; a result and a bill. We, you and I, work inside of a black box. Corporations manage black boxes. Things flow in, including money, and things flow out like widgets and money in the form of accounts receivable. The conversion process happens inside of a black box. The black box could be a lab, a factory, a fast food joint, whatever. The corporation doesn’t care what is inside or who is inside. The corporation only looks at the difference of money in and money out, i.e. profit or loss. As long as the money machine works and generates profit, they just don’t care what is going on inside.

    And another thought. Public companies live and die by the quarterly profit report. This leads to caring about only three months down the road and not any longer term actions. this pressure sometimes causes corporations to do crazy things like generating increased profits by laying off employees.

    • And as was done to me? Once the employees are laid off? Pass their workload on to those few poor saps remaining until something breaks – then pass that on to someone else until they break and so on.

  4. The higher earners are about to find out how easy it is to outsource them as well. Why pay a middle manager $150K when there’s nothing to manage and a middle manager in India, for example, works for far less than that, no benefits, no company pension…a no-brainer, really…if manufacturing, operations are outsourced, makes no sense to have a manager managing, nothing.

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