Batshaw Youth Facility

Batshaw has succeeded in railroading the democratic process. They will be permitted to build their closed facility in the heart of Dorval.

Anyone familiar with Quebec’s policy toward youth offenders will be aware that in order to end up in a closed facility, the young offender would have committed multiple crimes, of a serious nature, to be committed to a locked facility.  MULTIPLE VIOLENT CRIMES. Violent crimes are crimes against people.  The community.

Batshaw does so love the mantra of “We need to reintegrate these children back into the community” or then there is the “These children are from our community; we need to reintegrate them.”

No. These young criminals are not part of our community.  They are anti-community, anti-society and anti-law.  We learned this lesson with the 3 “youths” who bludgeoned Rev. and Mrs. Toope, in their beds.  All of them have ended up, as adults, violating our laws.  Good job with the whole rehabilitation thing.

The boy who shot his brother had brought the gun to school, he is also charged with armed robbery.  He will be in that locked facility.  Any youth with a record of anti-social and violent behaviour will be in that facility.  This includes murder, assault, rape, armed robbery, gang related violence and any other obvious indication of an individual who refuses to be part of a community but rather a predator.  Predators are not defined by age.  They are defined by actions and you can’t cure a sociopath or a psychopath.  They are what they are.

Integration into any community should be out of the question; if they are, in fact, a part of anyone’s community then, by virtue of their acts – it is quite apparent that being a part of community is not something they are capable of becoming.

The violent offenders, the offenders who have committed crimes against people and property should be removed from the community.  Their actions speak louder than Bathshaw rhetoric.

Stop referring to these criminals as clientele – they are not clientele.  They are criminals and these criminals are savvy enough to know that Batshaw is bullshit.  A few mandatory support group meetings…telling the social workers what they want to hear and then they are out, again.  And again.  And again, until they are adults and are handed off to the justice system where, they will – with few exceptions, end up inside, again and again. Of course you don’t hear about the continuation of crime into adulthood because their youth files close at 18, apparently, not being relevant. I am sure their victims would beg to differ.

There are people out there, beyond our help.  They need to be removed from the community that they have, thus far, only victimized.  Perhaps a light bulb will go on in their brains but in the meantime, the true mandate should be to protect the “community” from those who choose to live outside our morals and ethics.

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  1. I know nothing about the background story here, but it’s easy to see you are absolutely correct. Oy.

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