Online, plugged in and Out of Touch

RegisterOnlineButtonI’ve been home for several weeks and I’m noticing something very disturbing to me. We are losing our ability to communicate effectively and perhaps worst of all – intelligently.

Over the past few days, I’ve witnessed online meltdowns and temper tantrums. I’ve seen a viable, democratic group of learning – almost overnight, turn into the worst type of totalitarian bullshit waste of time..causing people to leave or actually be banned due to someone else’s personality disorder. In the real world, this would not have occurred or if it had, would have been brought under control before the entire group was compromised.

Posts where there has been sniping of the worse sort and all because it is just so damn easy to do online. I figure, if you wouldn’t say something, and be honest with yourself, if you wouldn’t say something in real life – then why, on earth, would you think that it is “Okay” to do from your keyboard?

I’m a Neo-Pagan and the rhetoric of a Neo-Pagan community that I have seen online, makes me want to stick a pencil in my eyes… Again, it is all well and all good to spout on about it but words is cheap, my friends…words is very cheap.

If you don’t work within your community – if you don’t volunteer your time, then you aren’t part of the community. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one. Some bigger than others. Going to a public Sabbat? Help set up or clean up. Do something, your presence isn’t enough. Going to a festival? Volunteer to help out otherwise you are naught more than a leech. Get your kids involved; teach them that a community needs to be built by its members, not by a selected and freaking tired few – an invaluable life lesson that all parents should teach.


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3 responses to “Online, plugged in and Out of Touch

  1. Aye, and well…there are a couple of reasons I haven’t joined said FB group, and this would be one of them. It’s just so EASY to be a git online. I’m very picky about where I hang out these days. I’m basically just bored with gits.

  2. Colleen

    This applies to life in general.. having been a volunteer in so many different capacities, from Scouts Canada to local kids sports to our small but vibrant community centre, it’s always the same ones who do all the work and the rest just suck up the glory.. Its why volunteers burn out.

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