Let’s Talk

Today is Bell’s “Let’s Talk Day”. Bell Canada and us (my family) had a parting of the ways a while ago but this is neither here nor there except that my carrier is not Bell and my texts will not go toward this excellent initiative.

We can all, logically, expect to suffer from some form of psychological upheaval or mental illness. I don’t like the word mental illness due, in large part, to the stigma so firmly entrenched with the phrase.

I am in the midst of a psychological upheaval – burn out causing a rather severe bout with depression. I’m on medication for now and I am seeing a psychologist. I’m not nuts. I am not going to go postal on anyone’s butt. I am burned out and in order to get better, I need to find out why I allowed this to happen.

I’m not alone, there are, at any one time – millions of people battling some form of psychological issues. From schizophrenia, to drug addiction to depression – someone, somewhere is battling demons.

There is no “Suck it up, Buttercup” – forget “Give yourself a kick in the ass” or “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.” The increasing statistics of suicide illustrate the success of this attitude.

Depression is a very insidious illness. Few of us recognize when we are suffering from it. It is sneaky and hides well.

I encourage you to look at this checklist and see if you are missing out on life, love and a healthy psyche. http://tinyurl.com/bhbp7aa

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