Pope Benedict to Retire

Pope Benedict1Due to ill health, he is retiring. First Pope to do that in over 600 years. If he is doing it, as the news reports, because he feels he cannot fulfill his position, then good on him for having the humility to admit this. If it is for political reasons and make no mistake, the church is as political an entity as it comes…then the next 12 months should be very interesting from a corporate maneuvering point of view.

Is he being asked to step down because there are rocky waters ahead that will require more travel and wrangling than he is capable of performing? Is there some sort of skeleton about to be revealed unless he steps aside? Will we ever know? Probably not. The church is nothing, if not secretive.

Yes, this should be interesting to watch and to speculate because you have to know, actual facts will not leave Vatican City.  

Please, avoid snarky or nasty comments. This is news whether you like the church or not.


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2 responses to “Pope Benedict to Retire

  1. The very fact that such a conservative man is breaking with tradition to do this is certainly suspicious. But they will do what they do regardless of public opinion, so I leave them to it.

    • Oh, we’ll probably never know the real reason, if there is an alternate, but even so, this could be one of the most politically interesting events in a long time. As you mentioned, conservative and breaking tradition…very intriguing.

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