Blogging, Tact and Censorship

censorFriend of mine was blogging about tact, in particular, blogs + tact. There is tact and there is self-imposed censorship. Heavens forbid someone should be offended…

Yeah, okay. Look, my blog is my blog. It is my take on things. I’m always willing to discuss any topic, debate an issue but I’ll be damned if I will stifle my opinions lest someone’s sensibilities be bruised. Suck it on up, Buttercup, if you think the blog is about you. Sure, 7 billion people and an infinite number of personality traits, habits, foibles and virtues and you think the blog is about you? My, aren’t we just a little bit of special! See the little red “X” in the top right hand corner; if you don’t like the subject matter, use it and go find something more to your taste. I’m not holding you here.

Tact is what I use in the outside world, where there are social conventions that require adherence. My blog is a journal, a journey and a diary; it is a place where I can out my frustrations, my happiness, my joy and even my pain. It is my therapy. It prevents me from going postal and knocking the crap out of someone who just seems to be begging for it. You see, where I live? The police take a dim view of beatings, regardless of whether or not the person is asking for that poke in the nose. The penalty is a small room, with heavy bars, a sink, toilet and bunk beds – roommates are chosen for you. I don’t play well with others so I prefer to blog and stay out of the way of the police.

I’m slightly right from the center, politically. I don’t believe that open money bags as charity help anyone. I prefer the quote attributed to Confucius: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

I abhor guns and therefore I’m completely in favour of strict gun control. The removal of anything other than guns required by the dubious practice of hunting as sport and that includes semi-automatics.

I believe that politicians should be held accountable for their actions and the actions of the subordinates. If you don’t know what’s going on in your own department? How, the hell, are you running the city, province or country, you incompetent fuck.

I believe corporations and boards of directors should also be accountable, completely accountable for their actions, the actions of subordinates, the impact of decisions and that accountability should result in jail time, the same way it is applied when one of us, the great unwashed, screw up.

I believe all drugs should be legalized and controlled. People will do drugs whether legal or not. It is rather blatantly obvious that the only victors in the “War on Drugs” are the drug lords and the politicians/law enforcement lining their pockets. Legalize drugs and the drug cartels are out of business, control the drugs and the quality improves, fewer overdose deaths, control also means taxation – added LEGAL money to the coffers. If heroin were legalized tomorrow, I wouldn’t take it – no one I know would take it. However, the people I knew who did do heroin did it knowing full well it was against the law. It’s like drinking or smoking; those that wish, will do – those that can’t be bothered, will not. Legalize the shit – the war is simply making the wrong people rich and the collateral damage is unacceptable.

I don’t believe in the “Cult of Victimization” – I am not responsible for what happened generations before I was born. I believe we are all responsible for our own lives. Want to play the victim? Cool, enjoy but I ain’t footing the bill. Step up and grab a set. Join the world and make your own way around. Like the rest of us.

Don’t try to tell me what I can watch, listen to or read. I am over 21 and I’m fully capable of making my own decisions.

I don’t like shallow people; I don’t like women who behave and dress like trash, then jump up and down screaming because some guy looked at her boobs…usually because the guy isn’t hot enough for their tastes…not because the boobs were being ogled. Don’t want ’em ogled? Don’t put ’em on display, you moron.

I despise human beings who abuse others, be their victims of two legs or four. Women, men or kids – I don’t care – abuse and I’ll call your ass out.

Tact? I use it when I have to use it – it is a tool of society. It is a tool for getting by in society but my blog is not society. My blog is my personal space – I write for myself. If someone wishes to discuss an issue with me? That’s great – I love to learn, I love to see other points of view, when presented in an intelligent manner. Act like a brain dead redneck with the I.Q. of possum droppings, I won’t bother – you aren’t worth my valuable time.

Nope. This is my blog and I will not mute my thoughts.

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