Stupid Girls/Women

I have been away from the office for a bit; it has afforded me some time to look around the ‘net and gauge what’s happening out there. Whoa. What has happened to young women? Was there a gender based lobotomy program and I missed the memo? Wouldn’t be the first time…missing a memo, I mean. For example, I missed the memo that advised women over 40 to inject toxins in their face so that they might look like carnival masks. I also missed the memo regarding the initiative for women to have their chest cut open and what amounts to, Ziplock bags of fluids and chemicals placed on their chests, then get sewn up so that they can allow their boobs to become sightseeing attractions and playgrounds for men with the emotional maturity of your average 12 year old.

If Gloria Steinem had passed on, she would be spinning in her grave but as she is very much still with us – I can’t even begin to understand the grief the current generations of young women are heaping upon her. I know how I feel and I was never an officer within the Feminist movement, just one of the front line grunts. And what I see, what I hear fills me with a sense of such disappointment with my gender…

In wandering about the mainstream internet and I mean mainstream – not the back alleys, not the sub-basement where porn is king/queen but mainstream – Facebook, video streaming sites – I see young women who have lowered the bar for stupidity so that even a snail could clear it with ease…

There they are, taking cell phone shots of themselves in a mirror, in their underwear at best – buck freakin’ nekkin at worst. Photos and status updates about their last drunk – pics of them smoking doobs or worse… Goddam..these things are FOREVER. You may delete ’em off your FB page, but the cyberspace holds on to them for eternity. They are up there for everyone to see – not just that really hot guy that you want to see/drool on the pic but the fat, greasy living-in-Mom’s basement, Cheetos stained underwear loser from some town you’ve never even heard of before. Everyone – your Mom and Dad – if they ever get over themselves long enough to check out your online activities to your neighbours, teachers, friends, your enemies and yes ma’am, potential FUTURE employers.

Searching the net for information on potential job candidates is absolutely common practice and smart common practice; who, the hell, wants an employee without enough common sense to determine what is and what is not common sense? Not me. If you are too stupid to understand that exposing your boobs, your ass and god help me, your hoo-ha to the cyberworld, then you are just too damn stupid to be working for/with me.

Parents? WTF??? What are you doing out there? Do you not monitor your kids cyber behaviours? I mean, the odds are pretty good you pay the bills for the access, you pay the rent/mortgage and supply the food, shelter and education; this DOES give you the right to determine what is and what is not permissible on any computer/cell phone in YOUR home. IT IS YOUR HOME. Yes, it is home to your children but they are your responsibility, they are not responsible for the home – there is a big difference.

Screw the whole “kids’ privacy” concept; when they have their own homes, pay their own bills and are responsible for their own lives? THEN, they have earned the right to privacy but as long as you foot the bill, YOU are responsible for what goes on in YOUR home. Get a keylogger, get a screenshot program – get a Net Nanny but for crying out loud, DO SOMETHING before your kids’ behaviours impact their ability to get a job and they end up being that fat, greasy living-in-Mom’s basement, Cheetos stained underwear loser living in YOUR basement.

Take a couple of weeks and check around the internet; look at the photos – they aren’t cute, they aren’t “sexy” – they are disturbing, they are without dignity, grace or common sense. And they will impact your daughter’s life far more than being grounded or having internet access curtailed.

Don’t believe me – take a look here: – scroll down, past the obvious porn models to the bar of displaying photos of young girls – who have either sent the photos in on their own or had friends/enemies send them in – either way, these are online forever.

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