America is Sick; She Needs Help

bushmaster223 Bushmaster (a military-style semi-automatic rifle), two pistols; a Sig Sauer and a Glock.

Those are the weapons that destroyed 27 families. In a quiet Connecticut community, Small Town U.S.A. 20 little children with holes blown through them, 7 adults – parents, teachers, friends, neighbours lead projectiles invading and exploding their organs.

And there is a debate about gun control? What is there to debate?

Is the nation of the United States of America so sick in the soul that they fear the shadows and must arm themselves against their neighbours? Or is it a case of penis envy by men and women, so insecure in themselves that a semi-automatic is the only way for them to feel worthy?

Nobody, NOBODY, with the exception of a soldier on the battlefield, requires a semi-automatic firearm. In fact, I question the sanity of anyone who feels the desire to own one. How sociopathic do you have to be, to envision blowing countless people out of their shoes? How mentally deranged do you have to be to feel that you must own one of these disgusting things?

The tragedy in Connecticut illustrates a few harsh truths to America and the questions will need to be answered or will this nation, as it loves to do, sweep it under the rug?

This young man, this Adam Lanza, was obviously very ill. A person in good mental health does not snap in this manner and massacre fellow human beings, worse…little children. The killers in Columbine were sick young men. No one seemed to be able to address their mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t hide, the symptoms are there but too many people choose to ignore them because of the stigma. “My child CAN’T be mentally ill!!” visualizing scenes from the movies – Snake Pit or Cuckoo’s Nest…perhaps one of the Chainsaw Massacre movies. The characters portrayed in these movies, the freaks, the killers, the nutters…these characters, in real life, would be someone’s mother, father, sibling or child.

To admit that one has a child who is mentally ill, seems to be interpreted by society, as a failure in parenting. Ridiculous. Absurd. Ludicrous. This has nothing to do with the parent, mental illness is an ILLNESS. It is nobody’s fault – it simply “is.”

The laws pertaining to mental illness must be changed, they must be progressive and protect the patient but also society, at large. Medications must be taken and if this means that forced medicating is required, then that is the better of two evils. A schizophrenic cannot be left in charge of his/her own health care, a person suffering from bi-polar disorder cannot be expected to understand the necessity of those medications. Society, the medical community and the legislators have no choice now, they need to come together and find a solution to the lack of care given to the mentally ill. We are all at risk when a mentally ill person is pushed to the fringes of society and forgotten. We are all at risk when the care these people deserve is denied them. We are all at risk when the signs are ignored.

The problems are many but if the U.S.A. is as strong as they seem to love to claim to all and sundry – then acknowledging these issues and addressing them should be easy.

Ignore the breast beating of the penile impaired – remove automatic and semi-automatic weapons from every household. Demand that hand guns be registered and licenses issued. Start adding 10 years, automatically, for any crime involving a handgun – whether or not the gun is loaded, whether or not it is a toy replica – the intent to threaten is there – address that threat and add those 10 years.

It will take time to fix the sickness in American society but it can be fixed, it can be cured. No more children need be slaughtered if Americans truly care.


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2 responses to “America is Sick; She Needs Help

  1. My goodness, we are on the same page today.

  2. I’m sure you’ve already seen this but this is a good response to the shooting by a mother who’s stuck with her own son.

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