Big Brother is Watching

bigbrotherDoes anyone truly believe they have any personal privacy? If they do, then I have some lovely land in the Everglades for sale. Even those who believe themselves to be “Off the Grid” are not. There is no “Off the Grid.” And? Who cares? The best way to thwart Big Brother is to not be afraid of Big Brother – fear is their ultimate weapon. Also, we do need to get over our sense of self-importance. Why would B.B. have any interest in my daily activities? It wouldn’t. So, I go about my life and every now and then, I will look up at one of those security cameras, stick out my tongue or make a face. Just for my own amusement. I’ve also been known to go to flagged web sites, just to keep anyone who is watching, on their toes.

I don’t do drugs. I don’t associate with rebels, known criminals or subversive elements. My religious beliefs are easily accessed, my political beliefs are … well, none. I don’t believe in politics. Although in all honesty, every once in a while, B.B. will get my back up and I’ll stare back at ’em. Like that agreement my company wanted me to sign, giving them access to my above mentioned personal info as well as my sexual preferences and any groups to which I may belong. The company was told to read the Canadian Charter of Rights and then told, ever so politely to take that form and stuff it up their collective arses. This is not Bush’s U.S.A. This is Canada and last time I checked, we were still a country in our own right, in theory, anyway.

I know that if CSIS really wanted to obtain information on me, they could have free and easy access to my internet comings and goings, they could read my e-mails and collect my passwords. Kind of flattering in a black sort of way, that any government agency would find me to be that fascinating. Personally? I bore myself – I can’t imagine anyone being that interested in my little work-a-day world.

Companies monitor our computer usage via cookies – where do we go, what do we buy, what are our spending habits – etc. Again, feel free, saves me the trouble of answering stupid surveys.

There are internet bodies that feed into this paranoia and offer “top secret, untraceable” internet travel; bull crap. If the government is that interested in your doings – they can track you. And really, how better to flag yourself and save B.B. the trouble than through using one of these programs or web sites.

So yes, Big Brother is watching. Let them watch – hell, I’ll make ’em some coffee for their trouble and they’ll need it, if they are watching my life. Go about your business and every so often, look up at those cameras and blow them a kiss or a raspberry, you’re choice. There is no going back, there is no fighting B.B. so may as well have some fun with it because, in reality? We are not all that and a bag of chips; most of us are, sadly, dead boring.

But then again…maybe I work for Big Brother and I’m trying to lull you into a sense of false security…Mwhahahahaha!

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