The Universe XXI

UniverseAnd so the Major Arcana has laid itself out for us to see, to learn and to follow. The keys to a life well lived, to a universal understanding of the workings of our world and beyond.

The Universe is without end and so is our journey of knowledge. Our consciousness has been wakened, expanded and the edges are smooth, without a cutting edge. Our place as a Star among the galaxies has been achieved but we can never forget that we are one of many Stars – each one unique in and of his/herself. Each one with a story to tell, lessons to teach. No man or woman is without something that can be shared with us.

If we apply all the lessons taught to us through the Major Arcana – the Universe is, absolutely, within our grasp. It is a hard journey and many people that we meet may get hung up along the way but if we keep true to our course, we will arrive at the edge of the Universe and we will stake our place among the Stars who have gone before us, successfully completed their own journeys.

We are accomplished.

And on to the wet blanket portion of our program; the underside or reverse meaning of the Universe in a spread shows us a road that leads to nowhere – the proverbial and real life, dead end. A lonely and desolate place to find ourselves; we took a wrong turn somewhere and must retrace our steps to find our true path. It happens, it can be fixed, as long as we are willing to do the work required.

This card can indicate the Faux Teacher/Guru or Priest – that deceptive world of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. We have forgotten that not everything is as it appears to our eyes; we must reach deeper, sometimes, for truth. We need to remember that while everyone has a lesson to teach? Lessons are not always pleasant.

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  1. That is a gorgeous Universe card

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