Aeon XX

AeonAeon actually has a few meaning but the Thoth deck foundation lies at the feet of Aleister Crowley. Aeon is a period of time in his interpretation; for example, he believed we are in the Aeon or Age of Horus. (A very long discussion and should receive treatment of its own, so I won’t go into it any further.)

This depiction says to us that a new age is dawning, a new age built on everything that has come before. When we accept ourselves, when we accept our light and dark sides, accept that life and what lies beyond is also light and dark, we have entered a new Aeon of “self.” Anything is possible for us – our minds have been opened to, perhaps, previous concepts that we never dreamed of, in our wildest imaginings.

A new Aeon of spiritual, material and psychological joining. The world and the universe is now our oyster. We see and understand, we accept and don’t flail impotently at life’s disappointments. We no longer stand at the edge of the abyss and scream at it, pointlessly.

The concept of the actual goal being less important than the journey undertaken, is something we truly comprehend. We can look back and say “Ahhh, I get it. I understand now. That was a lesson learned.”

On a more physical plane – this card indicates new beginnings, perhaps a birth of a new human being, about to start their own Aeon. It can mean liberation. Freedom from something that constricted, a marriage, a job but the bottom line is the freedom.

This is the card of the opening of the chrysalis. The butterfly of the soul freed.

On the other hand and isn’t there always “on the other hand” – there must be, you know – for every new day, there is a new night. Right has its left. Love has its opposite, hate. And this card too, has its opposing force.

This card can indicate imprisonment – the worst kind. Imprisonment of the mind; usually a sentence that we have imposed on ourselves through unwillingness to learn, to allow our minds to grow. To accept life on its terms instead of trying to fight against it. The “Woe is me” victim mentality. The card can also indicate someone suffering from narcissism to the maximum degree.

An quick example would be the person who refuses to age gracefully; our shopping malls are full of these sad people. Trapped in an illusion that young is somehow better. They have ignored life lessons, preferring the shallow gratification of the material world. They are to be pitied, not laughed at. They are failing the most important school in the Universe; they are getting a D in the school of life and there are no re-takes.

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