The Sun XIX

SunHere comes the Sun…do dee do do..Here comes the Sun, I say…it’s all right. Older folks will get that – younger folks, not so much.

The Sun. Our consciousness is waking up, it is growing and anticipating its flowering. We understand the shadows that have dogged us and we “get” that in order to truly appreciate the Sun, we have to take a walk on the dark side. For most of us, a walk on a sunny day fills our brains with endorphins, we feel confident – we feel good with ourselves. The Sun in a reading lends that confidence, that awakening to the spread. A new opportunity is dawning and waiting for us to grab hold, to grow with it.

The Sun represents the male power – the Moon is the feminine aspect, so this card takes on the characteristics of the male – growth, power, confidence, charisma – the rod is growing toward its apex. Ride those rays and take your own moment in the Sun.

Of course, the Sun has its own dark side. Stand too close and you get burned. Burn too brightly and you destroy the things around you. The Sun can indicate deep psychological issues, like delusions of grandeur. It can be a warning of the individual or someone around them being a little too full of themselves. Could be a case where if something looks too good to be true, it probably is… The Sun, when ill-defined, can be an augur of problems to come, hidden behind something bright and seemingly, full of promise. It is at this time that we must re-visit our dark side and weigh what we’ve learned in the past, apply that weight to the situation or person ahead…use confidence in our ability to discern truth from fraud.

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