The Moon XVIII

The Moon is the ebb and flow of life; she controls the tides and some believe, she impacts our moods.

The Moon is our intuitive self; the little voice we ignore, far too often, and to our detriment. The Moon in a reading is telling us to listen to our inner voice, to understand the ebb and flow of our lives and rather than fight the tide, to understand it. To work with the highs and the lows and to always listen to our own voice; the cacophony of those around us may mean well but the true decisions should be ours and ours alone.

The Moon represents the mirror to our souls and can help us to cross that abyss between our outer and inner worlds.

The card is telling us to look within, to travel down to our inner depths and learn from our own experiences. There may well be trouble ahead and we will need that inner voice, the inner strength to work with the onrush of the tide, to not get swept away.

Many law enforcement officers, emergency room personnel will swear to you that they are so much busier with bizarre cases and behaviours during a full moon. Consider the word; lunacy. Listen to that inner voice, travel to your inner self but don’t forget to return, to apply what you’ve learned to your outside world.

The Moon is a mystery mistress and she can show us many exciting things but remember, the Moon has a dark side as well and be warned.

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