The Star XVII

The light in the dark – a sign of bright potential, albeit in the future. The Star can be a cold white light, similar to the character of a fluorescent tube or the light can be warm, inviting us to the illuminating future that can be ours. The Star represents what we are all capable of achieving, individual brilliance in the surrounding dark.

We are all Stars but too many of us don’t truly see; just as many are aware of those little diamonds, they never really look at them, never really see, with their mind’s eye, completely missing the wonder and the universal individuality of the stars.

Perspective is, again, the key. The Star as an unattainable goal, far above and distant or it can be the light at the end of the tunnel. We have only to reach toward it, take the path upwards and to the lighted way. The interpretation is our own. To struggle on in the dark or to move upwards, to continue to strive to our goal – the way is lit, do we take it or remain mired in the dark?

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