The Tower XVI

No, I haven’t been slacking on my work; this one strikes a little too close to home. Changes, massive upheavals come in many forms and the Tower forewarns us of the coming apocalypse, wherever it manifests.

The Tower is destruction of something we thought was solid, something that was a keystone of our foundation – material, psychological or spiritual – it is a rending, a breaking down. Not a wee tear that we can sew or glue back together; this is destruction.

Being a part of or watching the devastation pictured in the card is not an easy spot in which to find oneself and it is only through the growth that we experience from our birth as the Fool through to this point in our life journey can we withstand the awesome destructive force of this representation.

The choice is always our own and depends on what we have chosen to learn from our living road; we can allow ourselves to be buried under the bricks and mortars of the foundations we, ourselves have laid or we can learn from what has happened, create a larger, stronger structure from which to base ourselves.

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