The Hanged Man XII

Hanged Man. Interesting guy. He’s telling us that we are stuck in a situation of our own making. We need to do a little of the overcoming work – could be our ego or attitude, could be an unhappy relationship, could be a dead end job.

The Hanged Man is the individual who whines and moans because life is so unfair, yet makes the same errors in judgment, over and over again. Swinging in the wind and seemingly, oblivious of the obvious. Get out of the wind. No one is going to come along and build you shelter from the storm; that’s on you.

He is our true friend, the Hanged Man. He is the honest kick in the butt. He gains nothing if you pay attention to him or not. It is, however, in your best interest to heed his message.

Time to change, time to shake off the chains that we – ourselves – have forged or allowed to be forged by our own unwillingness to take a stand for what is to our benefit.

His lighter image shows us that a new world view is within our reach, we have only to loosen the ties that bind, on whatever level and head to that new vision.

This song is perfect for the Hanged Man.

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