Death XIII

First, I’ll tell you an insider secret – the Death card is never good. A reader – to whom you’ve paid cash – may put a bright spin on it because, after all, who wants to pay money for bad news; this is a kind of “Don’t shooting the messenger” thing.

Death is death; the end, game over – bucket kicked. The only real question is how an individual interprets the end. Death could be the bottoming up of a relationship. Could be the death of a style of life. Death can also mean, absolutely that – death. Readers shy away from this card more than any other. It’s a scary deal, even for the reader. Death is, probably, the most taboo of subjects for a good lot of humanity but that’s a topic for another conversation, at another time.

Death can represent the end of a situation but beyond death, there is rebirth but the rebirth in this context is under the complete control of the individual. When the card indicates an actual death, end of a life – we can drown in the inherent grief or we can undergo a rebirth of our own. Some find a renewal of their beliefs, some find a new system of beliefs but the key here is the moving on past death and creating something new, finding something in the death that we can turn around into something vital and alive.

Nothing that is thrown in front of us is without reason; every situation can be used as a tool toward a better life, a healthier psyche, a stronger individual. Particularly death.

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