Art is something born deep inside of ourselves. It is something we conceive, on our own. No one else can direct our Art.

Death takes everything away and leaves us with a potentially blank canvas on which we can create a masterpiece. Anything we wish to manifest is available to us; imagine every colour imaginable, at our fingertips, in whatever medium we choose – all of them, if the mood strikes.

Art is a unique quality of mankind.

Art tells us that every day can be a blank canvas where we can express who we are, what we want, what constitutes our desires. Yesterday dies at day’s end; yesterday is death, today is Art. Creative flow of energy.

Looking at Art’s placement can tell us if the individual is ready to take on the challenge of creating their own life – to become their own Star.

If Art is ill-defined by the cards around it; we can reckon that the individual is not ready. Creative energy is being repressed or worse, that energy is being channelled into destruction instead of construction. Again, depending on placement, this could be a dire warning of someone or something that is intent on taking something away – happiness, joy, love? Read the spread carefully and the answer will be there.

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