Fortune X

Fortune is often, incorrectly, interpreted as a change in fortune, hopefully for the better. This is a major Arcana card and is not concerned with such mundane issues as money and material fortune.

Consider the construction and obvious method of movement the wheel represents. The wheel is in perpetual motion, forward and reverse. If the wheel is not in form, then the progression is greatly impacted if not halted completely.
We are only as complete as our acceptance of new experiences. With each turn of the wheel; we are offered a choice and it is up to us whether or not we choose to roll with the punches, gain momentum and move forward.
The wheel rolls with or without us; we can delude ourselves into thinking events depend on us but the wheel will prove us the poor fool – the fool lacking in spiritual wealth. No one is as poor as the individual who lacks awareness and has no concept of potential.
In its most positive, Fortune represents someone who has deep self-knowledge and is always ready for whatever the next turn of the wheel presents, be it good or “notta-so-good”. This individual understands that every situation presents a chance to learn. If the card is placed in such a way as to not indicate a person but rather a potential event, something is in the wind for us. Check the surrounding cards for clues as to origin or potential.
In its shadow element, Fortune is willful stasis, fatalism and an unwillingness to search out self-awareness, knowledge. In other words, a thumbing of one’s nose at the fates/universe. Never a wise move but we all have free will, how and when we use it, depends on our acceptance of Fortune as the wheel.

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