Oh yes, this is going to be a rant. I am so sick to death of these new generation parents with their demands. My kid is allergic to this, so ban it – my kid is allergic to that, so ban it. Doesn’t matter who is impacted – MY FAMILY comes first.

News Flash – NO, YOUR FAMILY DOES NOT COME FIRST. Society, at large, has a few rights of their own and one of those rights should be the privilege to tell you where to stuff your bans. Educate your kids and if the child is that much at risk, then take a look at your lifestyle and determine if your child isn’t best served by being home-schooled. One day, your child will have to move out into the big world, high school – university and if that child is not prepared NOW, then you have failed, miserably, as a parent.

All your whining, complaining and demands are having a negative impact on how people perceive allergies and the dangers inherent in the condition. Foods and other substances that may cause an anaphylactic shock are myriad. What do you suggest? Kids with dairy allergies – ban all milk, yoghurt, butter and cheeses from society? What about kids with meat allergies? Ban meat? Legume allergies include soy – so should tofu be banned as well? What about citrus fruits – lot of kids allergic to those. Berries, bananas, pineapples – many people, out there, with severe allergies to them. Grasses and trees – huge numbers of people allergic to these – cut ’em all down and pave paradise?–i-m-not-nuts-says-mom-wanting-oaks-cut-down

This is the link to the story that caused me to lose it. Stupid, stupid woman. I really detest people like this. Using her kids as a way to garner some spotlight. No human being with an IQ over that of your common door knob would come up with this moronic idea unless there was an ulterior motive.

Before any allergy fanatics jump all over me, I suggest you shut up until I’m finished. I have a condition. I am profoundly allergic – this means that I can suffer an anaphylactic reaction to any number of substances. Sometimes, the reactions come out of the blue, to a food that I’ve eaten and enjoyed in the past. My husband is severely allergic to coconut. Two of my sons also suffer from allergies and severe food intolerance. One of them was written up in a medical journal because he is allergic to a particular suspension in vaccines as well as to eggs. He suffers profound allergies as well.

I’m 54. I’ve gone into shock more than a few time and I do know what it’s like. So have my sons. These incidents taught us that WE need to be more careful, not that SOCIETY needs to be more careful. Allergies and food intolerance is not SOCIETY’s problem, it is our problem and it is OUR responsibility to ensure that we take all necessary precautions. I’ve managed, my sons – one of whom is 32 – the other is 26, have managed and this was long before warnings or bans. I think that living without these bans have made us far more aware and showed us just how important it is to educate OURSELVES.

All this bitching and moaning just serves to turn society’s opinion against the allergic individuals out there. Pisses them off. Hell, pisses me off.

Get clue – this is YOUR problem, not your neighbours’ problem, not the school’s problem, not the restaurant’s problem or the city’s – it is YOUR problem. Deal with it and for crying out loud, shut – the hell – up!!


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3 responses to “ALLERGY MORONS

  1. Celiac and Allergy Adventures

    I also have severe allergies and grew up in a time where there was no such thing as “peanut-free classrooms.” While I understand being cautious, it seems to have gone overboard. You’re right – what about other allergens that are known to cause anaphylaxis? Why just peanuts? It’s never made sense to me.

    I was taught from a young age what I could and couldn’t eat and after having one awful reaction, I certainly was smart enough to avoid it again. I think other students and kids should be educated about food allergies and not sharing snacks, washing hands, etc., but they needn’t ban peanuts from classrooms or wherever else. If someone is so severely allergic at an airborne level, they are at risk no matter WHERE they go, whether it’s to a grocery store, on a plane or at a sporting event.

    • Exactly. My parents taught me, way back in the early sixties, to never eat outside of the home. One of my boys has Celiac, he is also severely lactose intolerant and has allergies. Never moans and complains. He’s thankful for all the choices available to him now – brownies, pizza doughs – all things he couldn’t eat before. It is perspective and education. None of us expect the world to change for us; we do, however, expect, from ourselves, to continue to educate ourselves and learn methods to adapt.

  2. jess

    I have no allergies myself. I always found it stupid that through kindergarten to 8th grade all the kids allergic to peanuts got their own lunch table, five or six girls always used it and only one was actually allergic to nuts that she said she would die if a nut got within five feet of her. While the rest of us had to sit with our class. Schools give way to much attention to one student then neglect all the students, like me, against eating their favorite foods because one or two students can’t eat it. I know all the kids that were given treatment like this all through grade-school are in for a rude awakening when they leave for collage because all some collages do is put you in your own room instead of dorm rooms, some won’t even care and put you in a dorm room and you have to tell your roommate not to eat these foods in the room.

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