Chariot VII

I like this card. This is the path found. Moving forward, with strength and determination, confident that the universe is unfolding as it should and the individual has his/her place in the cosmic play.

The “found” self with a plan, set in motion. This isn’t an esoteric designation per se – it is a material card. Found self has balanced out and found the road to be travelled and is doing so with courage and fortitude. This card tell us the we can overcome all obstacles, the inner shadows the prevent us from growing, the dark sides of our psyche that keeps us tethered in place, can be harnessed and used to fuel the, absolutely, necessary forward motion of self. Those big wheels will keep us rolling as long as we have our road planned out before us. This is a card of success – homework done, preparations completed and off we go!!!

Trouble is indicated if the card is ill-defined in its placement because Chariot can also show us a situation that is steamrolling ahead with no plan and as a result, the journey will end badly. The wheels will fall off this particular trolley. The trip was not properly planned out, the Chariot runs roughshod over anything in its path until that path either throws up an immovable object or the path simply disappears into oblivion – the Chariot and rider falling into the abyss.

Most of us have had the Chariot, in its ill-defined placement, carry us off. This isn’t a kidnapping. We allow ourselves to be carried off. This is the situation where people beat their breasts and cry out that “Things just escalated!!” The consequences are not their fault! Oh yes; yes – I’m afraid they are. This is impulse, unimpeded by common sense or logic. Going off half-cocked, to battle, with an empty holster and bare ass hanging out; impulse. There is a difference between being spontaneous and being an impulsive knothead. The Chariot warns us of the difference. Spontaneity can be the excellent paintjob on the Chariot, the streamers or cool reins to the horse but impulsiveness in the Chariot without a proper circle check – the bolts not tightened or the reins uneven. A stone in the hoof of our horses that will bring the journey to an abrupt halt, all because we didn’t move forward with thought and logic. Crash and burn.

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