Adjustment VIII

You go when the cards call you, hence, the “two-fer”.

The Chariot tells us we are on the right track and moving forward. Adjustment tempers that gung-ho environment by reminding us that we have to tune things up, regularly; tighten the bolts, examine the chassis for fault lines, make sure the our steeds are healthy and strong and do a thorough check of the wheels.

Human beings are often off-balance and we should all take a few moments, every day to ensure that we are as tuned up to move ahead as we can be. Freud illustrated the mind’s balance using the precept of the Id, the Ego and the Super-Ego. The Id is all about want – the Ego is all about making the Id happy but does his best to show the Id the pro’s and the cons of this “I WANT!” thing through reality checks. The Super-Ego is the conscience. The Super-Ego expects the Ego to do its job with the Id and prevent narcissistic choices based on the Id’s attempts at immediate gratification. Sometimes the Id gets out of whack and dumb choices are made simply because we WANT.

For example:

  1. Buying the pair of shoes we cannot afford and in an amount that would pay a week’s groceries,
  2. The fling with the co-worker even though we have a S.O. in our lives.
  3. The “one for the road” while we are fully aware that this will put us over legal limits.

These are common examples of the Id pushing its way past the Ego and duct taping the Super-Ego’s mouth shut however, luckily for us, in these instances, when all parts are functioning as a workable personality unit – the Ego would come along and gently pull the Id aside for a word:

  1. Come on now, these are way too expensive and we need to fill the larder. The cupboard is bare. The shoes may go on sale and if we put a little aside, we can buy them later.
  2. Not a good plan, old chum. This can lead to all sorts of problems. This is betrayal. The S.O. would be devastated. What if the fling is the Fatal Attraction type? Getting one off is not worth blowing up our home life. Stop, think and maybe we should walk away from this one.
  3. Another one would taste good, for sure, but if we get into that car, we can get into big trouble. We could well lose our driving privilege. We’ll have to take that shoe money and pay for that “one more” to the nth degree. This is breaking the law and really? We could always have that “one more” in the safety of our home.

The Super-Ego is the conscience that sits in judgment of the two buddies – Id and Ego. He is the one that can annoy us the most – he’s “I TOLD YOU SO!!” The voice we really don’t want to hear.

So Adjustment tells us to make sure our three personality parts are getting along. The Id perfectly welcome to his/her I WANT…after all, if we don’t want, then we don’t strive forward. The Ego allows us to determine if that “want” is viable and keeps the Id as choice as opposed to action. The Super-Ego holding watch and not getting too holier than thou, allowing for choices based on sound decision making principles before pronouncing judgment.

All forward motion requires us to ensure that we are on the right path and we haven’t deviated at all, through selfishness, greed or any other less than stellar impulse. This is the card of being reasonable and balanced in all aspects of life, from our work-a-day to personal relationships, even our health. This is tune-up card, a reminder card that we aren’t all that and a bag of chips – that we need regular rest stops in order to check our personal maps and make damn sure we’re still heading forward, on the right road.

In the shadows of Adjustment is the Super-Ego taking over and creating, in us, self-righteousness. Or the Id, causing us to make stupid choices based on unbridled want, un-tempered desire. It’s the decision taken purely because it is to our advantage with the knowledge that it places others at a disadvantage, purposely. It is narcissism at its finest. ME AND MY WANTS are more important that the right choice.

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