The Lovers VI

This one is tricky. When someone sees this in their reading, right away the breath hitches and the eyes get starry – a tall dark stranger is on the way! Hold on up there, Hoss. The Lovers, like all the cards in a deck and particularly the Thoth deck, is complex and multi-dimensional representation.

The interpretation is totally reliant on the position of the card in the spread; the cards that “surround” the Lovers must be taken into consideration.

Looking at the card, there is the joining of the forces – the light and the dark. In the corners of this card stands Lillith and Eve; the light and dark side of the feminine and the message that love is balanced as are all things above, on and below our awareness. Love has to be tempered with this balance, otherwise we may end up with obsession or if too much of the light – we can see our partner through rose coloured glasses, a projection of what we want the individual to be as opposed to reality. Or worse, turn ourselves into martyrs for love or the need for love. Love, itself, is not a fantasy or dream state; it is a viable emotion but one that must be tempered with logic and rationale.

This balance, when the card appears in such a way as to not pertain to a relationship, indicates the need for clear headed decision with all factors weighed. An emotional response to a life situation is not a bad thing, as long as it has been examined rationally. Yes, this is entirely possible and is the best way to make this sort of decision. Cold logic is not conducive to a successful personal or interpersonal life. One must always temper emotion with logic and logic with emotion. The balance, the twins coming together.

In the area of relationships or the search for a soul mate, the Lovers remind us that in order to be two, we must be one first. In other words, we have to understand ourselves, our inner being otherwise we risk projecting what we want on to someone else and end up disappointed when they don’t live up to or rather mirror the image we have created. The Lovers are one, that come together to be two with deep understanding of each other but each as an individual as well.

The lighter side of the Lovers will indicate free will and decision based on the joining of the heart and the head – not one to the exclusion of the other.

The darker side of the Lovers is particularly nasty – obsession and projection of self/desire onto someone else – this would be common in a stalking situation. Someone who has unreal expectations of another, setting them on a pedestal and then reacting badly when it becomes obvious that the individual is simply human. This is an ill-conceived decision card, warning the individual that more balance needs to be injected.

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