The Hierophant V

The Hierophant is the deeper meaning card. He is belief. He is the representation of the continual search for the higher purpose. He recognizes higher purpose in all situations, in all events – he knows that these things have hidden meanings that need to be searched out, examined and applied to belief.

He tells us to always look below the surface, never to take anything at face value. The material that we search out, in our daily lives, is of far lesser importance than the higher goals. Every event has a deeper meaning, a lesson that we may learn to become more spiritually aware. He is a priest – a teacher, the shaman or wise man/woman. He shows us the way but will not lead us there until we are able to understand the journey.

In relationships, he can indicate the soul mate or if he is ill-placed, someone who is not true to our basic moral foundations, our spiritual selves or a situation that places our higher self in jeopardy, a job perhaps that demands less than ethical behaviour or pushes us to become shallow and material minded.

He expects us to manifest our inner selves to shine outwards. He is that never ending search for the larger truths. A card of realization and meaning. The spiritual sought after and revealed.

In a material situation – he tells us to look deeper. To understand why we want what we want and to determine if this want is based on shallow purpose or this desire has the capability to elevate our consciousness. Making us better people.

Should his placement in a spread be less than favourable – he can represent intolerance and an esoteric arrogance, the fundamentalist without true understanding, regardless of the belief system. He shows us that scales cover the eyes and need to be removed to see the real or whole picture in a situation.

He is the false leader, the individual with the diplomas on the wall but no real concept of what has been learned. The information memorized but not understood.

The self-proclaimed expert or guru. Ill-placed, he is a danger to our deeper selves and this makes him a dangerous threat.

On the light side, he is a true mentor or a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and widen our understanding of what lies below our surface, the surface of a life event or help us to recognize a soul mate, to become a better soul mate.

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