The Empress III

The Empress. Now, this card is of the down to earth variety. The Empress domain is that of the earth mother sort and all that this encompasses. She is human love or the need thereof, she is growth – touch, feel, fertility – giving life. She is abundance and sensuality. She represents security or again, the need for security. Safety. She is the Earth Mother symbol.

On the down side – the Empress – again, depending on her placement and the influences surrounding her in a spread, can show all those earthly vices and failures in character, like greed, selfish indulgence, avarice – the infertile personality – barren and devoid of caring and empathy. Laziness, apathy, pointless promiscuity. Earthly and human characteristics.

The Empress is the feminine – she is strength through love and support. She is the foundation, the very essence of physical life and mutual existence. “The hand that rocks the cradle and behind every man” type of thing – woman as the true strength in life, love and family.

She can represent a new addition to a family or a new opportunity centered around the tangible. Think creative or creation and you have the Empress. Think of total destruction, rending of foundations and again, you have the Empress. She is a wonderful force and a terror of magnitude.

The Empress is the life source. The incredible power of the natural world to create but also to destroy…absolutely. The cycle of life is embodied in the Empress; often, something must die in order for something else to live. So she is that complete cycle. She tells us of continual growth, that we must continue to grow. We need to tap into the natural world for inspiration. Without growth, there is only death, there is only a barren existence. Nothingness.

She embodies nature at its most beautiful and if one is not careful and respectful? Nature at its most catastrophic. Be careful how you deal and interpret the Empress – for all her wonder, she can reduce even the most powerful to dust.

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