Magus – I

This is the Magus. He has chosen his direction; he has a goal and will achieve it. The Magus can be blinded by his intent of direction and goal however. He can be narcissistic when his shadow nature is permitted to take over.

The Magus is that first decisive step – he steps forward with intent and directed purpose. He sees what he wants and he is convinced that he is strong enough to attain it. He is willing to act, unlike his predecessor, The Fool. He is realization, manifesting the result through his will to succeed.

This is a good thing and of course, a bad thing. He has established a strong concept of his direction, of his idea of attainment – he has the energy, he has the strong will and isn’t afraid to work toward it but on the other hand, sometimes he can blind himself. He can become the ego on two feet. He can be aggressive to a fault. The Magus, when in his shadow self or his dark side, can be prone to misuse his power, his influence over others. The goal can quite possibly become the need to satisfy himself immediately. He is “I WANT!”

So before nurturing the Magus side in our personalities, it is important to remember to be grounded and aware. Ambition is a good thing but needs to be tempered with self-awareness.

A true Magus is honest and open, good people will love him for these qualities, but these same qualities can create many enemies who have embraced their shadow selves.

So how would this be interpreted in a spread?  Well, I’ll have to generalize because the impact or significance of the Magus would need to be analyzed by the relationship to other cards in the spread.  The overall picture, if you will.  The Magus can be the individual for whom you are reading, in which case, gentle reminders to temper the “Full Steam Ahead!” tendency with thought as to who may be adversely impacted.

The Magus can indicate the need to have confidence in a decision, (as this is a Trump or Major Arcana card) that must be made for the individual’s benefit.  Again, depending on the spread, the Magus can also indicate that this type of individual, this Magus will have or is having an influence on the life of your subject (often referred to as the querent).  A quick look to the surrounding cards can tell you if this Magus is a good Magus or the other type, the egomaniac – the narcissist or the “Stalker” personality.

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