New Life, New Experience

Well, the world has, most definitely, changed for our family.  Our granddaughter was born on Wednesday, Oct. 17th evening, weighing 6.2 lbs and 3 weeks early.  Casey-Jade is the new daughter of my son Logan and his amazing wife, Lisa.

Dave and I are beyond thrilled which should go without saying but I need to say it anyway 😉

Lisa had asked me, a while back, to be present for the birth.  I was terrified, I wasn’t really “there” for the birth of my own kids – they were C-sections.  So the birth thing would be a totally new experience for me.  Did I say I was terrified?  Fainting had occurred to me…

It was an incredible experience.  My daughter-in-law, Lisa was amazing.  She looked gorgeous during the whole thing. I mean really, in the hard labour?  She didn’t even break a sweat on her brow.  Her hair was perfect and there was an ever so slight smudging of mascara, which simply served to bring out the blue in her eyes…LOL  She never lost her composure.  Okay, there was one “f” word when the doctor had to leave the room for a few seconds but that was the extent of her “losing it.”  No hollering, no loud voice.

I know, weird thing to take notice of but you have to remember that my only experience with child birth is what I’ve seen in movies and on television.  In addition, in the birthing center, I did hear much hollering so I figured I knew what was ahead.  Nope.

One minute the nurses are saying that it could be several hours, the next thing I know – there she is – my granddaughter, defying the doctor’s prediction and the nurses.  Yup, she’s definitely one of ours.  Fighting authority before she’s even uttered her first cry.

Mom, Dad and baby should be released today.  They drove into the city as a couple and are leaving the city, as a new family.

I will never be able to, fully, express my gratitude and thanks for being asked to share this experience with them.  Never.  It is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Whenever life seems to be too much, I will pull out that memory and put things into perspective, that amid all the chaos, stress and troubles, there are incredible, awe-inspiring moments on which to draw joy and gratitude.

Welcome to this life, Casey-Jade.  Know that you are loved and will always have the foundation of family.

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  1. Congratulations to the whole family on the arrival of its newest member.
    Blessings & welcome to Casey-Jade!!
    So glad you had the opportunity to be a part of the birthing, it is life changing and does stay with you always.

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