Thanksgiving; our reality

This is the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend.

Reflection time… For years now, I’ve done the big Thanksgiving dinner – family and friends crammed into my kitchen. Every chair in the house put to use, the extra table from downstairs hauled upstairs, scrambling to find tablecloths that, at least, match the seasonal colours – every casserole dish, utensil and cooking surface called into service.

Not this year. It is has been a rough couple of years – I’m exhausted, my husband is exhausted. Not just that “a good night’s sleep” will cure the tiredness; this is a mind and body exhaustion. We’re done in. Rode hard, hung up wet.

So, no big dinner this year. It was a very hard decision but we just couldn’t do it. The second, third and fourth winds have been used up.

We bought a small turkey and we’ll have a quiet little dinner. Nothing that has passed can alter all the truly great things in our lives.

I have a husband who could not possibly be a better man. He is intelligent, witty and caring. That he is a hottie, doesn’t hurt either. He is my best friend, my sounding wall and possesses infinite patience. I can be a bit of a trial at times…I know, what a shock!! But, he is always there for me. Always has been there for me. 30 years of standing at my side, never in front of me, never behind – always at my side.

We have 3 wonderful boys, who have brought wonderful women into our lives as well as an assortment of other young men, who are as cherished as if they were our own.

We have a granddaughter on the way, she should be making an appearance around the end of the month, beginning of next month.

My boys all have jobs, shelter and food. So much more than so many in this old world.

I still have my mother. She is a constant joy to me. Witty with a wonderful sense of dry humour; she lives with us now and again, this is something that fills me with thanks.

I have a job and while it involves pressures that can leave me nauseous, it is a job that pays me well, provides me with all sorts of benefits, including underwriting the cost of any education that I choose to pursue. (As long as it relates to the business and that’s a huge open field.)

Thanks to modern pharmaceutical, we can now share our lives with a dog. Chico. He’s amazing, he’s cute, he’s funny and is a 100 lb bundle of unconditional love. Doesn’t matter what kind of a day we’ve had – just walking in the door, being created by someone who thinks we are the best thing since sirloin steak and pizzles, just wipes all that has gone wrong, during the day, clean.

I want for nothing. I have everything that I need. Sure, there are folks out there with far more than we possess but there are far, far more human beings out there with so much less.

So, while we are tired, wrung out, in fact…we have a wonderful life, full of everything we could possible need.

We have a life that truly deserves “Thanksgiving.”


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