Shut up, Smarten up and Grow up

Unfortunately, Montreal is showing its true self to the world in the guise of “protesting” students. The students, by and large, are decrying the lack of democracy of the current Liberal government. This all started as the result of an increase to tuition fees which have not risen in 20 years. The students and not all, in fact, I would hazard a guess and say that these people do not represent the majority. They are the loud, obnoxious minority – causing property damage, infringing on the rights of the citizenry in the city. Blocking access to PUBLIC transport, blocking access to roads, to businesses, to healthcare – effectively subverting the much needed tourist dollars – dollars that many of their peers rely on as salary.

The damage and thuggery shown vis a vis riotous behaviours and preventing non-protesting students from attending their classes in safety as is THEIR democratic right brought about Bill 78. This bill demands that the police are advised of a protest route 8 hours in advance. The gall of the reaction to this bill by students and their out of touch supporters is infuriating. Apparently, this is some sort of desecration of basic human rights. Actually, it is attempting to teach these emotional infants some common sense and decency; it is a law that tries to protect the rights of the majority to live their lives as is their democratic right. The UN or rather one of the less than legitimate members slammed Quebec meanwhile, in Geneva, home of the UN – the law requires a 30 day notice of protest routes and plans. Hypocrisy continues to reign supreme in the halls of the U.N. it appears.

This bill would not have been necessary had the students themselves not shown such a scorn for democratic process. The tuition fees could have been argued but the students couldn’t be bothered following the political process. The bill passed and then there was hue and a cry. Democracy ignored, thwarted is the cry of a minority of society that rarely, if ever, take part in the democratic process – principally, the right and duty to vote – responsibly.

Now, they are calling on the public to whom they have shown such a lack of respect, to help them bring down the Liberal government…due to a raise in tuition fees that are, already, the lowest in North America.

Really? Bring down the Liberal government to be replaced by what? The PQ’s? A party long known for their lack of concern for democratic process. A party that has, time and again, trounced on human rights, on the rights of the individual. A party that is, if not more crooked, then as crooked as the Liberals. All political parties are crooked; it is the nature of the beast, from time out of mind, from the Pharaohs, to the ancient Greeks, to the Romans, to the Celts, Kings, Queens, Emperors, Viziers, Sheiks, power corrupts – it always has and it always will. To believe otherwise is to, legitimately question, intelligence and even common sense.

Then there is Amir Kadir and the seed of his loins, comparing himself to Ghandi, to Martin Luther King Jr. and the struggle for human rights. A man whose family fled when faced with a real battle for human rights. Very easy to declare war on a society where your freedom is not in any danger – unless, of course, like his daughter, you break the laws of the land and indulge in criminal behaviour. Mr. Kadir is a coward and a fraud. He doesn’t deserve to sit in our National Assembly, he is an embarrassment to the entire province. One can only hope that the people who voted him in are now ashamed of themselves for poor judgment.

Another bizarre cry from the students has to do with the Charter of Rights – the right to education. That right is not in jeopardy – the right is there, it remains entrenched as it has since the Charters inception. What they students actually mean is that they want education to be tuition free. It’s fine that the rest of us should foot the bill.

I can see free tuition but with necessary regulations – to keep the professional students and slackers from taking up the place of someone who truly values their future.

Strict grade requirements and standards – high grade requirements and standards. One strike and you’re out. Enter a pinch hitter who appreciates what they are to be given. No free tuition for, what I call, personal interest classes – literature, art, music, social sciences and humanities – if there is no immediate job market out there – no free tuition. Pay for it! You find the subject matter interesting but there is no future? Then it’s a hobby, not a profession – pay for it. Medicine, law, education, applied sciences, computer technology, urban planning – absolutely – make these disciplines tuition free or at least, with a drastically reduced cost to the individual.

If a student or potential student has such a limited intellectual capacity as to be unable to find a discipline that will afford them a working wage or even gainful employment, they have no business in an institution of higher learning. A B.A. is useless, absolutely useless. The trades are crying for apprentices – the trades are screaming for qualified workers but of course, that requires effort, actual work and so few of this sad generation are capable of any sort of effort unless it is “fun” that the entreaties for employment go ignored. No. They seem to think that B.A. makes them worth a starting salary of 50K – full benefits and 3 weeks vacation, all I can say is, good luck with that – let us all know how that works out for you as you ask me “So you want fries with that?”

Keep on your protesting and yes, it will escalate as it must until one of you pushes the wrong person, on the wrong day and someone ends up getting badly hurt by one of the members of the majority who is fed up with the minority trounces on their rights.

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