C-30 and Rights

The U.S. had its S.O.P.A/P.I.P.A and we, as Canadians are now battling government over Bill C-30.

At first, I just shrugged at it; I’m so used to being spied upon that this did not appear to be such a big deal.

My company uses a form of Net Nanny program, along with key logging and if you don’t already know that your employer can read your e-mail at any time, then you should not be allowed outside without a guide and a permit. You are simply that stupid.

We have black boxes in our vehicles, GPS systems in our cell phones, cookies that track our internet behaviours. There are security cameras everyone, in our homes, on the street, in the workplace. We are never, as individuals, alone. Someone is either watching or has the capacity to watch everything we do.

I’m a dull normal. I don’t cheat on my taxes, I don’t partake of illegal substances of any sort, I don’t drink and drive. I am not a subversive, I don’t donate to terrorist organizations and I’m not particularly active in any political arena as I consider it the original organized crime syndicate. In other words, I’m flipping boring from a surveillance perspective.

So, my point of view was, if someone found me interesting enough to be the subject of surveillance – well hell, that’s kind of flattering. In a Kafkaesque kind of way because I do relish my privacy, regardless of the fact that there is very little that isn’t common knowledge anyway. (I have kids.)

Back up a bit and check the tense of the previous paragraph – “So, my point of view WAS…” I no longer find this of no immediate consequence. It bothers me. If someone wants to read an e-mail or a text – they have but to ASK. Not sneak around but simply use common courtesy and ask. What really pushed me over the edge was the smoke and mirrors used by Vic Toews in pushing to have this bill made law; he claimed that if the bill was not supported then, the opposing opinions were siding with child pornographers….EXCUSE ME?

Then Anonymous came along and dished out a little of what Vic Toews was trying to force feed to the Canadian people – invasion of his own privacy. Let me tell you, Mr. Toews doesn’t much like this taking his own medicine thing. Being one of the political elite – he has called in the RCMP to protect his privacy. The Canadian people, the taxpayers don’t have that option and I can tell you that having my tax money spent on an investigation of Toew’s perceived invasion of his privacy, which appears to be far more sacrosanct that that of you or I, pisses me off.

I would like to see Anonymous start blasting all the personal e-mails and private business of the Conservative party and anyone else who supports C-30.

This bill isn’t about protecting children and it is absolutely sickening to see the welfare of our kids being used in this manner. It is about control. Total control over a populace.

It is not about democracy, it isn’t about protecting Canadians, it is about a government that has lost sight of what they were elected to do. Snooping in the hard drives of the nation was not part of the Conservative platform. I voted for them to keep our economic heads above the tides of financial ruin flooding the U.S. and Europe.

If they can’t stick to their original game plan, the perhaps it’s time for a vote of non-confidence in their ability to lead this country.

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