American Idiots on Sodahead; Good-bye

I was a member of Sodahead. It is one of those sites that allows for commentary on anything that makes the news, regardless of how inane. Unfortunately the inanity extended to the vast majority of comments, particularly in the political forums.

The vast majority of commenters are, surprise /surprise, American. The site is also a haven for trolls; those particularly annoying people who feel the need to create discord for no other reason than to create discord. Nothing of value is said, just the usual name calling, racism and overwhelming political ignorance. They do not debate, in fact, I harbour a suspicion that most would be unable to spell the word without a spellcheck in place, that they are, blissfully, ignorant of the definition of debate is a given.

Someone with no knowledge or experience with Americans could be forgiven for thinking the land is made up of people barely able to keep their knuckles off the ground. Thankfully, I do have friends and acquaintances who are Americans and I’m able to discern the American Idiot from the majority of the populace who do understand that the head has a higher purpose than as a place to keep their Budweiser hat.

I love debate. Intelligent debate. I love to learn new points of view. Let me qualify that – I love to learn new points of view that are based on intelligent observation. I suppose this is why I find watching anything to do with the current motley collection of Republican hopefuls so very, very hard to take.

Every morning I would head over to Sodahead, hoping to learn something regarding the American political system, to glean some sort of insight into the possible future leaders of the United States. It was an impossible task. If there were germs of intelligence hidden within posts and opinions, they were lost among the redneck diatribe of the obnoxious white sheeted Republican flag wavers. The barely concealed racism is stomach turning. It does not take much to imagine these people in brown shirts, sporting little black moustaches under their noses, even the women.

I love the concept of freedom of speech but I also love the concept of not having to subject myself to the poison dripping from the fingertips of these trolls and otherwise intellectually dead “contributors”.

And a quote from Thomas Jefferson, one of the American founding fathers, who were – by and large – completely against religion in government.

“On the dogmas of religion, as distinguished from moral principles, all mankind, from the beginning of the world to this day, have been quarreling, fighting, burning and torturing one another, for abstractions unintelligible to themselves and to all others, and absolutely beyond the comprehension of the human mind.”

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One response to “American Idiots on Sodahead; Good-bye

  1. patbona

    Hi, thanks for the post on Sodahead !

    All you said is quite true !

    I aslo have seen many of people in Sodaheads writing they could say anything since the 1st amendment protected them… A vast majority of American don’t understand the 1st Amendment and that came quite as shock, that me a European, understood what the 1st amendment was (basically a limit the right of the gov. to censor, but in no way a right for people to say anything without consequences).

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