Is God Talking To You?

According to this, God wants to have a chat.

Well, I for one, think that would be a great plan because as far as I can tell?  His little experiment took a wrong turn at Albuquerque (old Bugs Bunny reference, to any young’uns)

And which God would this be?  This God that wants a sit-down. Jewish, Christian, Muslim or perhaps a Pagan one.  Then there are all the Hindi deities.  Hard to know, to whom this picture references.

I’m going with the Judeo-Christian one for the purposed of simplicity.  How do these people know that God is speaking to them?  I mean, their prophets have been very few and far between since Moses, Jesus and Mohammed hit the streets with divine messages.  Oh sure, there have been a whole whack of saints but they belong to the Catholics and we all know that the Roman Catholic church does not play well with others.

My own belief system tells me that a god-like entity spoke to our accepted prophet – Aleister Crowley and I’m still on the fence regarding that one.  Far too many outside influences, including drugs and alcohol, open up a floodgate of healthy skepticism.

So then, where are the messengers of this one god.  What happened to them?  Get lost on the way down?  Let’s face it – there were all sorts of them back in the day.  Abraham, Moses, David, Isaac, Joseph, Jesus, John of Patmos (author of Revelations) Mohammed and then?  Nada.  Nobody of great import comes along, again, there are the Catholic saints but they are exclusive, it seems.

What happened? Where did they all go? I mean really…if ever humanity needed a god’s voice down here, it would be right about now.  If things were violent and hope was a commodity back then; if you calculate general misery per capita now, we’re in far worse shape than we’ve ever been.

Mind you, what would happen to a prophet in this modern age of psychiatry and psychology?  He or she would be, more than likely, handed some anti-psychotic drugs, put in a room with a strangely designed jacket.  There would have to be some pretty spectacular special effects for any modern day prophet to be taken seriously; some of that sea splitting or the whole water into wine thing might do it. Just stating that some god has been having a jaw at you won’t do it.  You can switch on your radio, television or computer and find all sorts of folks who claim to be receiving messages from a divine entity.  The list of these people goes on and on – Garner Ted Armstrong, Jimmy Swaggart, that unfortunately named Van Impe fellow.  The pope is supposed to have god’s ear on the behalf of all Catholics…okay, but does god talk to him?  He isn’t, technically, a prophet because he was voted in – by other Catholics.

Maybe this god talks to everybody because he was created by man, not the other way around.  Perhaps this god is unique to everyone because he is created in the individual’s own image.  If this were the case, it would certainly explain a lot with regard to the innumerable definitions of this one deity.

Humanity, it seems, needs to believe there is something out there, playing daddy to his little family of man.  The alternative, that there is no one god, no All-Father up above the stars watching out for the species, is simply too terrifying for too many people and so the myth continues, gets propagated, adjusted, shined up and modified to conform to changes in society and civilization.

People do not believe that we are fully capable of discerning right from wrong on our own and so this father figure, doles out reward and punishment.  Take a look at the 10 Commandments – I mean really…how stupid does one have to be to not agree with the morality of the things…well except the whole name in vain and one god thing.  Those are political additions.  You can’t control people unless you have a big enough rod to herd them all into line.  One god for everyone fits the bill, nicely, especially if you can tell folks that this entity can speak through shrubbery and sent down floods to smack down dissidents.  Nothing like the threat of treading water for a few years to scare people into giving up their free will but for every successful story, one must have the protagonist and the antagonist.  Enter the myth of the devil – Satan…the bad guy.  You have to have a pretty damn good threat to keep folks in line.  Enter the bad place – Hell, ruled by this Satan deity.  Not only is he a great threat, he is a wonderful scapegoat to use when explaining the bad shit that happens.  When holy men and women stray and violate their own rules.  Devil made ’em do it ’cause ya know they are just so darn holy that the devil needs to bring them down.

God talks to anybody who wants to hear from him/her.  God lives in the minds of the individual.  Their spiritual security blanket.  Every man and woman who believes there is some sort of deity or deities, creates their own, to suit their needs.  There is no and never has been one god.  And really?  What does it matter?  So we’re on our own down here.  Big deal.  If thinking that you are hearing the voice of god makes you a better person, then have a time!  Good on you.  At least you are doing your best to be moral and ethical which is a damn sight more than your religious leaders are doing.  Just keep an eye on your wallet – no where, in the bible, does it say you should be sending money to obtain a better vantage point to a deity.

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