In Search of God

In search of god. This page and the ones following, will deal with the search for god. Humanity’s and my own. Not entirely sure, where this will take us as the search continues for this elusive entity.

The singular motivation, the obsession shared by all men, all civilizations, all nationalities – all races, creeds and colours is the relentless search for god. Since the dawn of history, when we drew on cave walls, humanity has been in search of god. You would think that at this point we would have found him or her or them. You would think it but you would be wrong.

No one has found this mythical being. Images have been created, personas defined according to the time and place of the artisans, the designers of the myth.

To the Muslims, it is Allah – to Jews, Yahweh, to Christians Almighty God, the Father. The Hindus have many gods and goddesses to fill roles and provide solace, comfort and meaning.

The god concept, is surprisingly similar between the 3 main systems, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. They all believe in this one god, but to the Muslims, the Jews have it wrong. To the Jews, the Christians have it wrong, and to the Christians? Everybody has it wrong but them. The bible, the Q’ran, the Torah – all contain stories that appear, on the surface, to justify the claims of each as being the sole interpreter of god’s word. God’s laws. By and large, if one looks to the stories, there is an overriding message of understanding, of peace through accepting the word of their god. Salvation, meaning, rewards.

Now, take a moment to look to the countries where these religions hold sway over people, and far too often, over governments. In each case, you will find war to be the first answer to any question, then torture; hate and fear are constant companions. Look at Iran, Afghanistan,Israel, and look to the U.S.

Standing on the outside of these religions, by choice, I am beyond confused and befuddled. From what I’ve learned of these holy books, to which these beliefs adhere, there is common declaration, that life is the single, most precious gift bestowed upon mankind by their god. By extension then, would this not mean, that to take a life would be the most severe affront to this god? Logic would dictate that it would. Yet these countries, who allege to have been founded or whose raison d’etre is god’s word, god’s law, are the worst offenders when it comes to committing the worst of crimes, regardless of what they have named this one god.

Frankly, in researching this god concept, I have come to one overwhelming conclusion and that would be, none of the Big 3 religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have the slightest clue as to what defines their god rather, each have decided that their god is defined by them, not that god defines them. A rather large misconception and one that has allowed for the death, the torture and the subjugation of millions upon millions of people.

For every “rule” in their holy books, it would appear that there are always exceptions. One would need an attorney to come to any sort of concrete conclusion based on the morals, the ethics of any given situation. Is this the fault of their one god? (I am going to speak as if this god theory holds water.) The answer to that would be a resounding, “No.” The words in all those books were written by men. For men. The words were not written by their god. The argument, by all three, regarding this obvious statement of fact, is that their god spoke through men.

And are they so sure? Are they so sure that these claims of god speaking through a man and rarely, a woman, were not due to mental illness, mercury or lead poisoning – a very common ailment in our early history. Can it be, declared, unequivocally that these claims were not the attempts of someone to justify or further an agenda, usually political?

As an illustration, the next post will be regarding the creation of the books of the bible Christians currently employ as their justification for everything they do or don’t do. I will take a look at the Councils of Nicaea. The councils (there were 7 in total) where decisions were made that would impact the world, thousands of years after they were called.

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