War On Christmas! Pa, grab the gun – it’s Rudolph!

I’m gobsmacked.  Absolutely gobsmacked.  Call to arms against Christmas?  Did I miss, yet another, memo? 

How far are the left wingnuts going to take the concept of political correctness?  Moot point, if the news is any indicator – these bozos will keep going until everyone is a clone, with no culture, no religion, no skin colour and no depth.

Merry Christmas as an insult?  Nativity scenes rated somewhere around pornographic images?  Christmas trees as symbols of oppression?  Is there nothing more pressing in the world than whether or not a city hall erects a Christmas tree?

I am not Christian.  I am about as far from Christian as one could possibly be but never have I been insulted or felt oppressed because my city hall had a Christmas tree.  No one has insulted me by wishing me a “Merry Christmas”.  It is a part and parcel of the culture and history of my country.  This apparent war on Christmas goes against everything that I have come to belief, living in a democratic society.  I respect the right of the citizens of my country to celebrate the religion on which my country was/is based.  It goes beyond this however. 

Christmas, when looked at from a centralized position – not a left or right position but a position based on balance and damn it (!!) a little common sense, is a short time of the year when a message can be taken from the scenes depicted by the nativity.  The message is of hope, of the desire for the goodness in man’s soul to surface, if only for a brief period.  It is not an exercise in nuclear physics to look beyond the physical presence of the nativity and into the underlying theme; the theme that there is a glimmer of a chance that mankind has the potential toward good, toward caring. 

Is the whole Jesus thing a myth?  That isn’t the point.  The point is that Christians have the right to their beliefs and as our country was founded by Christians, our laws are based on Christian philosophy, we have the obligation to respect that right, whether or not we choose to believe.  I realize that it is de rigeur to bash white, Christians – preferably of the male gender but like the popularization of the thong as an undergarment, that doesn’t make it right (or left). 

Peace on earth, good will toward men.  What is wrong with that sentiment?  So what, if it appears that the thought seems to be only applicable during a short period of time; a short period is better than no period at all.  If the premise behind the holidays promotes people to give to charity, to stock food banks or deposit gifts for children in hospital, I can only see this as a good thing.  Yes, Christmas has become a time of mob shopping, of crass materialism but underneath it all, is still that glimmer of hope that the season represents.  Concentrate on that glimmer and not from where it originates.  Grow a set.  It isn’t racist to defend anyone’s right to their belief, including Christians. 

Look at the nativity scenes in town halls, on your neighbours’ lawns and understand that the season goes beyond “you”; it goes beyond your egocentric, infantile point of view regarding the offensiveness of the scene.  Try to dip beyond the shallowness of your nature and see the scene for what it truly represents.  You don’t need to believe in Christianity to believe in hope.

Walk down your street and enjoy the Christmas decorations, the play of the lights on snow or against a night sky.  Understand that this is a special time for your fellow citizens and have a little respect. 

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