Americans; A Mystery

I do not understand Americans, regardless of the fact that I live about an hour drive from the country, I do not understand them. At all.

Being a bit of a news junkie, I haunt various news and opinion sites – Sodahead for example. Most of the time, I am left speechless by the apparent lack of political acumen among the people who post. Sometimes the vitriol and blatant hatred makes me want to shower…for days.

Right now, it is the placing of their president in their crosshairs. Blaming him for the rather bleak economy. Has there been some sort of GOP amnesia ray aimed at the populace? Barak Obama was handed a country that was circling the bowl, financially. It had been placed in the financial red zone by his predecessor who, more often than not, came off as a total and complete moron. A man operating with his father’s hands pulling his strings. Too bad he couldn’t have controlled the brain to mouth operation as well.

No one could fix the damage done by Bush in just a couple of short years. The financial catastrophe created by Bush and his Republican/corporate cronies is beyond the understanding of most people; how they were able to steal and destroy the country without alarm bells being sounded from every roof top is mind boggling.

It seems to me, living in a foreign country, that there should be no question as to whether the Republicans are ever permitted to hold political power within the next 100 years; the overwhelming answer should be a resounding “NOT IF HELL FREEZES OVER!”

I don’t understand the “right to bear arms” when there is no imminent threat of a red coat invasion…no one needs a gun, unless they engage in hunting, in which case a Glock or an AK47 would be less than useless. Children are dying in American streets – daily – as a result of this whole “Gotta get gun, Bubba” mentality. Freedom shouldn’t include the right to blow a hole through another human being. Freedom to life should override freedom to carry a physical example of a compensation for inadequacies elsewhere.

I don’t understand having to mortgage a home to pay for healthcare. I don’t understand “managed healthcare” in a country that claims such freedom. Having access to healthcare, prescriptions and life would seem, to me at any rate, one of the first mandates of a “freedom loving” country.

I don’t understand country that claims freedom yet refuses to allow two adults to marry regardless of their sexual orientation. How can a country look down its collective nose at Muslim Sharia laws when it attempts to dictate who is permitted to fall in love with whom?

Freedom is not forcing God and religion on a populace.

Looking back at the draft – freedom is not forcing young men to die in a foreign land, fighting against a people, a country looking to choose their own political path.

To be fair, my own country is not the land of freedom either – we have province that outlaws English. Actually outlaws it and in fact, removes the right of parents’ freedom of choice in the education of their children. A province that mandates how a business owner is permitted to operate – mandates what language an owner can address clients and employees. Absolutely draconian and ridiculous, to be sure.

No country is perfect but when a country insists and waves the banner of freedom in the face of the world, that they would do their level best to ensure that this was, in fact, the truth. Not just some sort of corporate jingle.

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