These are the faces of protesters. Bit of an old shock to the system, isn’t it? The protesters are not unkempt vagabonds or professional activists regardless of what big media wishes to show you.

The 1% aren’t worried yet. They feel protected by the system and they’re right. They are. Well protected. The police have their orders; orders filtered down from police commissioners who share their beds and their morals with that 1%. They are fed their opinions and their actions on silver spoons, while dining with the elite.

I’m no political activist. At least, I wasn’t prior to this. I want to be there, in Victoria Square, Montreal on Oct. 15th. I want to do something. Something to shake the system up a bit. I want a message sent, loud and clear to Jean Charest, Pauline Marios and Tremblay. We, the people; we, the individuals paying your salaries are fed up. We are fed up with your criminal behaviours. We are fed up with the cronyism, with the nepotism and the blatant theft of our money. We, the tax payers, are fed up with organized crime being spoon fed our hard earned cash so politicians can enjoy vacations on yachts.

It is long past the time to send the 1% a message – your kind have been brought down before and there is 99% of the population who want to see you brought down. What do you think your odds are, now?

We’re tired of commissions that do nothing but offer up some easy money to political friends. We are angry. We are tired.

The elderly, forced out of their homes after working all their lives to build our systems only to be turfed out of those homes because they can no longer afford the taxes. Hospitals rife with deadly infections; overrun by unions who care nothing for patients. No access to a family doctor because there are none left. Operating rooms that always seem to be open for the rich but closed to the middle class and the poor. A street cleaning blue collar worker who is, financially, better off than a teacher, responsible for the education of young minds. Look up to the mountain and see those monstrosities that mar the landscape, the homes of the 1%. Those monuments to greed, to excess, to crime and backroom dealings. Tax dodges and shelters. Oh yes, those shelters are available to the middle class as well but we can’t afford it. By year’s end, we are broke. We don’t have money for savings, for our retirements.

No more tax dodges or offshore banking for the rich. Tax them according to their life styles. Someone living on the mountain is not making $100 000k a year. More likely, 20 times or more, of that amount. No more golden parachutes for CEO’s who fail us.

Our northern treasures have been sold off to foreign interests under the camouflage of dollar bills for the natives, for all of Quebec. We will be slaves to foreign companies, foreign investors who will rape the land, poison the water and destroy aboriginal communities. Only a total moron would believe this Plan Nord will have any positive impact on our lives as Quebeckers. Charest has sold off our birth right. He has prostituted our land for his benefit and the benefit of his political, criminal cronies.

I’m tired of working to pay my taxes. I’m tired of watching 33% of my salary deducted to pay off the filth that gets fat off my efforts to survive.

Yes, the 1% should be worried because like the two people in the photo above – I am your average, suburbanite. I’m not a radical. I’m not a professional activist. I am middle class, middle aged and man, am I angry!

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