Exhausted – coffee, lots and lots of coffee

Oh Garfield..I feel ya, little buddy.

Exhausted, totally, exhausted but had a blast yesterday, so really?  It’s all good.

We were 15 in total for actual dinner, then 17 for coffee and dessert (more desserts than you could shake a stick at).

My niece & Kyle’s girlfriend Jess, made all sorts of gluten free, lactose free desserts for Logan.  Let me tell you, gone are the days where these foods taste like chalk or sawdust. There were spice cupcakes to die for with a faux cream cheese (lactose free) frosting – there is no way, believe me, no way you could have told the difference between these and the homemade flour laden types.  I made a small living baking cakes and candy for folks, I know cake.  These were incredible.  They are from a mix by a company in the U.S. called Namaste.  Whoa.

My niece cooked up some chocolate chip cookies and a bundt cake with an orange glaze – again, this is not your Momma’s gluten free/lactose free recipe.  These things are moist, full of taste.  Good taste.

My niece’s boyfriend made two sugar pies (a staple in Quebec – probably a food group); these however are not free of anything.  They are killer.  I don’t know what he adds, he ain’t tellin’ but holy crow – are they awesome.

My aunt brought homemade cranberry sauce and beets; you can’t beat homemade, you just can’t.

Main meal – big old turkey, a Butterball turkey breast, roast beef and 2 of Dave’s homemade tortieres; mashed taters, Georgian sweet potatoes, little baby carrots, peas, and a figgy duff.  I am proud of that duff – it is not an easy thing to do – timing is everything with the bugger.  If you aren’t right on?  You either have a ball of white mush or if you leave it too long?  Turns to concrete. My Mom told me that it was exactly like my grandmother’s – let me tell you, THAT is the highest compliment I could receive.  Her duff was manna from heaven.  I think I discovered her trick…ain’t sayin’ what she is…

It was so incredibly beautiful here that we were able to sit outside for a good part of the day.  It went up to about 26 C.  Sun shining and great breeze.

Chico was on his absolute best behaviour.  Although, around 8 or 9 o’clock he started to grumble.  Sat on his pillow and grumbled, added a few whines for emphasis.  You see, I moved his pillow so it was out of the way. He was all bent out of shape because his “routine” had been disrupted. He had had enough of all the people in HIS house and wanted a nap.

It was great to have my aunt and uncle over; she hasn’t been well for quite a few months – really not well – some sort blood disorder/infection.  Anyway – she was looking great and we had a good time catching up, reminiscing.

There was one small glitch that had Dave and I giggling our butts off..in setting the table?  We forgot to include…ourselves.  Didn’t matter, I had run out of dinner plates.  In addition, when you are cooking for 2 days – food is really the last thing on your mind.

It was a real Thanksgiving for which we could be thankful.  Family, friends, food and a really good time.

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