Search for God; Part Deux

Seems there are a lot of folks, out there, searching for god or gods. I didn’t know he/she/they were lost. Didn’t see any photos on milk cartons.

I knew this Jesus fellow seemed to wander off an awful lot…I have been approached, many times, by people asking me if I had found him. My response is, had I found him, I certainly would have posted an ad in the local Lost and Found column of my newspaper. I mean, you don’t find a messiah and keep him; that would just be rude. He must belong to somebody.

Yes, I am being facetious and treating the subject with something less than respect. Frankly, I’m not a god fan, in case you haven’t already taken clues. I don’t treat the subject with respect because I don’t find that it deserves respect. It is a bad joke, in some cases and a horrible fraud, in others. A fraud perpetrated for eons; usually for nefarious reasons – control, politics, money, sex. Sadly, however, the fraud is perpetrated by the individual against, well – themselves and their families. People, who are frightened, frightened by the thought of being alone, of being in control of their own lives; terrified by the responsibility this would entail.

The thought that doing good, for the sake of doing good, does not lead to some mythical soft and fluffy place, when they leave this mortal coil, is just too much for them to wrap their heads around.

If there was some sort of godlike visitation thousands of years ago, this visitor or visitors have, like Elvis, left the building. We are the sole proprietors of this good earth. We are the only ones responsible for how things move along in the future. How anyone, in their right and sane mind, could believe there is a god when faced with the horrors of the evening news terrifies me more than any prospect of being the Captain of my own soul. These people are walking around without keepers. These are the adult version of believers in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. A sort of schizophrenia if you prefer – the belief that there is someone directing our lives, rewarding and punishing as he/she/they see fit. What voices spoke or speak to the men and women killing each other, killing children and the vulnerable? What sort of god/gods would allow serial killers to rape, to torture and mutilate the helpless? Rhetorical – obviously, the answer would have to be none.

Bring the above to a religious nut and the responses would include:

  • We have free will. It’s a gift from god.
  • Satan controls these people.
  • These people are insane and not of god.

  1. Yeah. Okay. Free will but that flies in the face of the concept of god. If we have free will, then what does this god control? When free will translates into unspeakable horrors and pain, perpetrated against the innocent, would it not, then fall to god to step in and alleviate the suffering by smiting the evil? What about the floods, the turning of Lot’s wife into salt – all she did was look behind her and this god killed her. Even prior to that – what about Lilith? Purportedly, Adam’s first wife. She refused to be subservient to Adam and demanded equality. This god individual banished her from Eden and forced her into exile, as a demon, to give birth to a hundred, some say, a thousand demons per day. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah – the total annihilation of two cities because they were behaving badly. Well, there are a lot worse things going on now and there’s been nary a peep from this god.
  2. Satan. Satan doesn’t exist. To the majority of the world, there is no Satan. No devil. If Satan controls all of these “bad” people? Then we are in a heap of trouble because it would appear, the apocalypse happened and god lost. Or, another possibility? This god has lost his mojo. He has no power over the individual raping and torturing that 5 year old child. He has no control over the man that beats his wife to death, in front of his children. He has no control over the actions of terrorists who kill and maim countless innocents. So then, it would follow, that this god is impotent or he has gone AWOL and unable to fight this devil individual.
  3. Not of god. So then, we are not all god’s children. We are not all created in his image; some of us have parts missing. God, it would be logical to believe, is not perfect and is prone to error. In looking around, he would be prone to many errors and is nothing more than human-like, not god-like at all. If we are created in his image – then god was a human, fallible, screw-up with sadistic, masochistic, sociopathic tendencies.

Here is where I take my own point of view to you all, gentle readers; we are all gods in our own right. We are all those lights in the sky. We are our own god, gods. We make our own rules and live life according to our own set of moral and ethical behaviours. We are here, how we managed to climb out of the primordial ooze is still a mystery but you have to know, if you have an I.Q. worthy of a human being and not a door knob, that we didn’t suddenly show up in a magical, mystery garden, fully formed and ready for action. Nobody ate a fruit and ended up, kicked out on their duffs. I implore you to put your brain to use, other than just to keep your ears apart; it is mathematically impossible, never mind genetic suicide, to have two people as the propagators of an entire species – Homo sapiens. Believing such a thing would cause, with valid reason, a questioning of sanity.

We are on our own, spinning on this blue marble, in the vastness of the universe. So what? Are you not up to the challenge to determine your own future? Are you not capable of determining right from wrong without the threat of damnation or promise of a reward? If the answer is no; then please, move to the back of the bus and let intelligent people lead the way into the future. A future that is not victimized by fairy tales and fanatics believing in heaven, hell and a multitude of virgins just waiting to be deflowered.

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